Monday, August 14, 2017

The Spouse House ~ Just Do It or Don't Even Think About It?

In The Spouse House this week, some relationships are starting to take off, some are beginning to unravel and others vacillate between the two. Just when viewers think they know what's going to happen, they get thrown a curve ball.  Here are this week's do's and don'ts... 

Don't Even Think About...

Asking her father for her hand in marriage and 
getting cold feet when she says she loves you. Ouch.

Coming to the #SpouseHouse to get married 
and freaking out when you're asked to be in 
a monogamous relationship. Confusing. 

Flirting with men who are already in 
exploratory marriages with other women. Gutsy.

Alternating between ride or die...every other minute. Exhausting. 

Letting another women get touchy-feely with you 
and then calling HER out for being standoffish. Defensive.

Crying when he walks out in the middle of 
disagreement...once again. Disheartening.

Thinking there is hope with a girl you first 
ghosted and then openly rejected. Disillusioned.

Just Do It!!!

Leaving the Spouse House in love and committed, 
knowing your relationship is just starting. Ecstatic!!!

Opening up your heart by telling him you love him. Blissful. 

Taking a leap of faith with someone 
you've know for literally a day. Brave. 

Hoping that wooing will grow the 
good vibes exponentially. Persevering.

Taking the high road and admitting you 
messed up big time by acting out of fear. Gallant.

Putting a smile on someone's face...
no matter whose idea it was. Thoughtful. 

Trying to talk someone down from the ledge. Responsible. 

Shocking the whole WORLD by 
getting down on a knee and proposing 
BEFORE the engagement ceremony. The MAN!!!


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Make or Break Moments

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Spouse House ~ Make or Break Shocking Moments

There were some shocking moments this week in The Spouse House by participants and experts alike. Things are changing so quickly, it's hard to grasp it all.  

First, can we take a moment to acknowledge the 
cuteness of Danny and Naya in their matchy patchy shirts? 
This is what you call wedded bliss, folks!!!

Okay...let the jaw-dropping begin.

The first curveball...we ALL thought Bri 
was going to propose to Chris. Instead she makes
shocking decision to leave the #SpouseHouse.

The new kids on the block are in utter dismay that they're 
still 'single' and 'hanging tough' as they walk 'step by 
step' out of the door 'tonight'. See what I did there?

Tom to Ashley Lauren, "I am very sorry that Ben left. And the 
fact that you don't think I'm hurt by that is very disappointing." 
Me: Wait...what??? Wasn't it Tom that just voted Ben out? 

 In an unexpected turn of events, the experts reveal they are in 
charge of the relationships. They put you into an exploratory 
marriage and they can take you right back out. Okay...I get it. 

Well look at that! Darren is making all the right moves, both 
on and off the field, with Isabella. Will the third time be the charm?

We interrupt this regularly scheduled recap for the #JimmyJo show.

  Wow. Did we really just fall in love in two weeks? 

Why yes, we did! Stoked to meet the fam...
because firefighter's bro code. 

'It's just like The Notebook!' and 'Marry him now, Jo!'
Fake crying and incessant teasing...Priceless! 

Leaving the hometown date smiling and 
smelling like a rose...oh wait, wrong show.

 Enough of the good feels. Back to gut-wrenching drama. 

Ashley thinking marriage should be nothing but bliss has a rude
awakening if she ever gets there. It's hard work...every single day. 

Ashley Lauren making a bold move to reclaim her man.
I'm not gonna lie, it was super hard to see them with other 
potential mates. But GUYS...I'm so nervous about whether
they can stick it out and learn to work through their ups and downs.

I see love growing between Chris and Missy, despite the odds...and 
everyone else...against them. I wish they could have an easier path.

Whether to vaccinate or not is a tough conversation to 
have. But it's a critical one that reveals Chris and Missy are on
 polar opposite ends of the spectrum. This may be a deal-breaker.

The final bombshell moment of the night...Missy 
tells Chris she wants to leave the house. My heart is 
breaking. Everyone deserves to feel love, Missy! Will Chris 
propose, leave with her or stay at the house? Dun...Dun...Dun...

I don't know about you, but I won't sleep a WINK until next week. 


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All screencaps credited to Kinetic Content

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Married at First Sight ~ Reunited and It Feels So Good

The Married at First Sight Season 5 Reunion special on Lifetime had fans standing up and cheering. In a history making season, all three couples remained married beyond the initial eight week documentation period. 

Nate and Sheila

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Nate and Sheila are adjusting to married life and learning how to communicate with each other. Sounds like a normal marriage to me. The biggest challenge they have is learning how to fight fair. Also sounds normal to me. Let's talk about that for a moment.

It's okay to be angry with your partner. Yes, I said it. Anger is a completely normal feeling in any relationship. As long as you don't push buttons, go after vulnerabilities or show disrespect, disagreements can be a positive way to hone compromising skills. Let's talk some more.

It's much easier to resolve conflict when you're not in the heat of the moment. That's where a cooling off period comes in. If Nate and Sheila can come to a mutually agreeable time and place to talk, listen to each other with an open heart, and continue to forgive one another, there isn't anything they can't overcome. They've totally got this. 

Sheila's drop mic BOOM moment last night...

"The biggest lesson for us is, in relationships winning, if it damages the marriage or damages the bond, nobody wins. So we want the marriage to win, even if our egos don't." ~ Sheila Duhon

Cody and Danielle

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

When Cody and Danielle said they were in it for the long haul, they were serious. What a great example they are of giving it all to their marriage.

Cody has qualities that make a great husband. He's kind, caring, considerate, helpful, and trustworthy. So what more could a woman want? It's called chemistry. Danielle wanted to feel an instant spark with Cody. Yet when she didn't, she didn't give up. She committed to giving it time beyond the eight week documentation period to see if love could grow. 

Cody was instantly attracted to Danielle for her beauty and fun-loving personality. The lack of physical intimacy was definitely a challenge for Cody, but this isn't dating. This is marriage. He's committed to building a bond with Danielle that will hopefully move beyond the friend zone. Not many guys would be that patient, so kudos to Cody. 

Cody and Danielle seem very comfortable with each other, but it's going to take work to build a foundation of love. Work that they both seem willing to do. 

Cody regarding the MAFS experience... 

"I would do it again. I understand marriage better. I understand friendship and work relationships better. Overall, it just makes you a better person for everything." ~Cody Knapek

Anthony and Ashley

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

It was clear early on that Anthony and Ashley were happy and in love. They eased into married life like an old comfortable shoe. If there were any pebbles that caused them discomfort from time to time, it was the difference in Anthony's laid-back and easy going personality vs. Ashley's more concrete sequential, organized one. 

The experts matched them because of their similarities as well as their differences. Anthony, who is a pleaser, needs to make sure his voice is heard and he isn't the one always giving in to avoid conflict. 

As long as they can compromise on important issues and don't sweat the small stuff, like who is waiting for whom, they can have a long and happy life. Trust me on this. I am Ashley and my husband is Anthony...and we've been married for 38 years. 

Anthony about his journey...

"With this experience, I'm walking away with a new sense of self. I have more purpose than what I had before in life. That purpose is to be a good husband and eventually, to be a good father." ~Anthony D'Amico


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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Spouse House ~Are You Ready for This? Top Tweets

Sunday nights have just gotten a whole lot sweeter with the new reality speed-dating/marriage show #SpouseHouse on TLC. I mean, who doesn't LOVE to watch people fall in love? Each week I'll comb through Twitter to bring you the most humorous and light-hearted Tweets...with a little snark commentary added in. Enjoy... 

One word...addiction 

Because we live in an "instant" society. 

Happy dance. 

A totally gif worthy reaction.

With a better success rate, please.  

Patience is a virtue. 

Idea for a new show... 



With lots of basketball. 

Words you want to hear at your daughter's wedding.

 Better late than never, I say.

Things you hear on #SpouseHouse 

With Bette Midler jumping out from behind the pink curtains.

 My fingers were permanently stuck on the crying emoji.

You and the rest of the ENTIRE World.

I have so many questions about this.

Or maybe even a cousin.

Ben speaking his truth.

We like real better than fake.

Start packing your bags.

We've definitely moved waayyy beyond Bags.

Pining away our lives until next week.


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