Saturday, July 29, 2017

Married at First Sight ~ Commitment Beyond Documentation

Oh what a night! As fans sat on the edge of their seats with their stomachs tied in knots, the six Season 5 Married at First Sight partners revealed one by one their decision to stay married. I could almost hear the sigh of relief over social media as #MarriedAtFirstSight soared to trending at #5. History is made! 

Here's my breakdown...

Anthony and Ashley  

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Of the three couples this season, Anthony and Ashley lived on easy street. While they had a few minor bumps in the road, their road led straight to paradise. 

On Decision Day, Anthony finally got up the nerve to tell Ashley he loved her. She reciprocated those feelings and they strolled happily ever after into the Chicago moonlight...via their oh so comfy livingroom couch. 

Having expressed a desire to start having a family, Ashley had been asked repeatedly on social media whether she was pregnant. It looks like we may finally get the answer next week at the reunion show. 

Nate and Sheila  

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Nate and Sheila's journey was one of a newly married couple learning how to communicate with each other. We were shown some fun and sweet moments and we know they had many that were left on the cutting room floor, but what stood out were their challenges. 

What lesson can we take away from watching Nate and Sheila's journey? It's a lesson of forgiveness. No matter what would befall them, they were always able to turn to their faith and work through it. When you have forgiveness, you can let go of the hurt and move forward together. That's the perfect foundation for building a marriage and the example Nate and Sheila were able to show us.

Cody and Danielle  

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Perhaps the most surprising moment on Decision Day came when both Cody and Danielle chose to stay married. Many people doubted whether they would commit to each other beyond the eight week documentation period. I was not one of those people. 

Cody and Danielle said more than once, they didn't go through eight weeks of hard work just to give up. They clearly cared for one another and had formed a bond, despite their lack of physical intimacy. 

Where are they now? How did it go without the presence of cameras and crew? Did they ever cross the friend barrier? Are they still married? I don't know about you, but I can't wait to find out next week at the reunion show! 

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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Spouse House ~ Exploratory Marriages

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This week on TLC's new hit, The Spouse House, things got real. Four couples moved in together to see what married life would be like; Tom and Ashley Lauren, Jimmy and Kelli Jo, Danny and Naya and Chris and Missy. We had some drama as well as some sweet moments. Let's get straight to this week's golden nuggets...

Albert, Albert, Albert...kudos to him for taking 
the ultimate risk. Unfortunately, he got sent packing. 
But hey, no risk, no reward!

There has to be more to Bri's meltdown, because she certainly 
wouldn't be a basket case over a one week relationship. Right?

Purple combines the calm of blue (Danny) with energy 
of red (Naya). I'd say this is a match made in color hue heaven.
Seriously love these two.

Ashley wants the real Tom, not 
just Tom on his best behavior.

Be careful what you wish for.

In all fairness, Tom humbled himself to set his ego aside and 
show his completely vulnerable side to Ashley Lauren.
I'm so confused. Will the real Tom please step up? 

 Meanwhile, Darren and Bri spend and awkward, yet 
thankfully, drama-free evening having polite conversation.

Missy loves Danny's body, Darren's food, Jimmy's attitude, 
Tom's personality, Chris' jokes. And I love everything 
about this conversation. She's killin' me with her sense of humor.

Ladies and gentlemen...let me introduce you to Miss Jimmy Jo!

 In her best high school voice, Kelli Jo said totes to the note. 
Will she say yes to the dress?

Missy the healer thinks Chris needs her healing right now.

Jimmy gets punked by Kelli Jo and he takes it like a man.

Danny's heart and mind say yes...cue the cliffhanger! 
Dun, Dun, Dun...will Naya accept his proposal?

Coming up next week...
Wait...what??? Oh, Chris. Not cool when you're in 
an exploratory marriage with Missy. Yikes! 


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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Spouse House ~ Sparks, Flames & Dying Embers

Photo credit: TLC

If you like reality TV relationship and dating shows, TLC's new hit The Spouse House is a must watch! It's like watching abc's The Bachelor/Bachelorette on steroids.

Based on extensive scientific analysis, 14 singles have been chosen to leave their families and jobs behind and move in together in hopes of finding their soulmate.

Each week as relationships build and drama enfolds, I will be capturing my most memorable moments in a fun, light-hearted way. Here are this week's...

I'm pretty sure it was the laundry room that caused the 
embers to die out in this relationship. I mean honestly, who could 
have a serious conversation in the midst of all those dirty clothes?

Missy serving up some healing touch. 
Yes, please. I'll have what he's having.

Naya giving it straight to Danny... 
either put forth the effort or move on.

Speaking of moving on, Tom rejects Kelli Jo 
for the second time. Two strikes and you're out, buddy.

Jimmy the firefighter to the rescue! He's here to put 
out the spark with Tom and light a flame with him!

Bigger than life Tom skips the spark with 
Ashley Lauren and goes straight for the roaring fire.

It's a sign, people. Missy already bought 
the perfect sperm for IVF...and it's totally Chris.

If Tom openly admits to putting his head down and 
running through walls, does that mean he has a thick skull?

Naya wanted communication and effort and Danny brought it. 
Now if she could get him to fix those rolled up pant legs...

I really wish that I could've gushed over Albert's sincere and heartfelt 
proposal to Ashley, but Toyya's face is totally me right now. 

Coming up next week...

Four couples will live together for a week in an
exploratory marriage situation. Who will it be???


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Friday, July 21, 2017

Married at First Sight ~ The Home Stretch

With only one week left of the eight week Married at First Sight radical experiment on Lifetime, the couples are focusing on whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. This season has been a roller coaster ride for the couples. Let's take a look...

Cody and Danielle

There are two issues I see with Cody and Danielle. The first one has been front and center all season...Danielle is not physically attracted to Cody. Can attraction grow over time? Absolutely! In fact, the foundation of a lasting relationship is a strong friendship. However, the constant pressure on Danielle is not helping her to get there. It's pushing her further away. Which leads me to the second

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Cody and Danielle define trust very differently. Trust to Cody is physical intimacy. His walls are up and he isn't willing to let Danielle in because he's afraid to get hurt. I get that. When you feel rejection, and for him it's physical, you start to pull away.

Danielle defines trust as commitment to the marriage and an effort to try to grow in love. She is giving this her all, but the bottom line is, she can't force it in just eight weeks. The big question is, will Cody be willing to give it more time or will his patience run out? 

Nate and Sheila

It has certainly been a wild ride for Nate and Sheila. Learning how to communicate through disagreements is a challenge for any marriage. Fighting fair is a skill that takes concerted effort and time to master.
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Another thing that can cause a huge disconnect is differences in processing time. Nate is able to get over things right away. Sheila needs time to process and cool down. Pushing her to resolution before she's ready will only cause things to escalate again. Yes, I can relate. 

Although they've have had some extreme highs and lows, the one thing that has remained constant is their ability to forgive. If you have forgiveness for one another, there isn't any problem you can't overcome. 

Anthony and Ashley

I truly believe Anthony and Ashley love each other, but they speak different love language. Acts of Service is his language of love, preferring to show his affection by actions and deeds. Anthony is a pleaser and avoids conflict at any cost. I understand this because I am married to an Anthony.

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Ashley's love language is words of confirmation. Although Anthony is showing her every day with the meals he makes, romantic gestures and gifts he gives, she is longing to hear the words, "I love you". 

The key is finding a balance between showing love to your partner the way they need it, in addition to the way that feels natural to you. Anthony needs to say words of confirmation along with his little acts of kindness. Ashley needs to do little things that make Anthony happy in addition to saying words of affirmation.

Next week we will find out whether these couples chose to stay married or get a divorce. What are your predictions? 

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ~ Happily Ever After

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The first ever Married at First Sight: Second Chances Finale did not disappoint! It was a joy to watch the end of Vanessa's journey to find love.

As I watched Vanessa spend the week with Shannon, one thing was evident. She tried to give him a fair chance, but her heart was clearly with Andre. Don't get me wrong, they had some cute moments. However, when she didn't want to share a room with Shannon, I knew her feelings for Andre had to be strong. The way Vanessa handled this difficult situation speaks to her integrity and commitment to Andre long-term. Onward to the Finale!

Shannon arrived first and although Vanessa tried to let him down easy, he was not having any of it. Whether intended or not, his response came across as a bit knee-jerky. Was he really cool with the breakup or was he embarrassed? Did he feel like got a fair shake? He wasn't the one for Vanessa, but Shannon is a good man and I know he'll find his woman. 

Before we get to Andre, I want to add a final thought about Myles. Shannon admitted that he and Vanessa had a rocky relationship with many ups and downs. That wasn't the case with Myles. He was falling in love with Vanessa. So while she took a lot of heat for letting Myles go, I'm glad she did it last week before he became even more invested in her. It was the right thing to do. 

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

Finally, let's talk about Andre! As each week progressed, I was more impressed with him. Evidently, Vanessa was too! Andre walked into the finale and with a very heartfelt and sincere proposal and completely swept Vanessa off her feet.

Beyond love, these two compliment one another very well. She challenges him to be a better person and he challenges her to be more comfortable and confident with who she is. The support and respect they have for one another is a great place to build a lifelong foundation of trust. I hope they get their happily ever after! 


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