Friday, April 21, 2017

Married at First Sight S:5 E:1 Top Tweets

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The long awaited Married at First Sight drought is over! Let's get right to this week's 

Top Tweets!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Married at First Sight Season 5 - Getting to Know Three More Singles!

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The premiere of "Married at First Sight" Season 5 was tonight on Lifetime and it could not have been more compelling. While we wait for next week's episode, let's take a look at three singles and get a sneak peek behind the wedding veil...or tux. 

Anthony D'Amico

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Anthony is a 33-year old sales executive living in Chicago, IL. He is looking for a woman who is outgoing, funny, intelligent and generous. He's ready to trust the experts to find a wife that he can learn to love and have a family with. 

Inside 5! 

Favorite sport to watch:
Current TV series addiction:
Can I have multiple addictions here? "Hell's Kitchen", "Master Chef", "Guy's Grocery Games", "Cutthroat Kitchen". Really, any competitive cooking show. I'm also addicted to "Walking Dead", "Game of Thrones", and all the "Chicago" shows. (P.D., Justice, Fire, Med)
Boating or Hiking:
Favorite action star:
From the ages of 5-18, Jean Claude Van Damme. Now, Jason Stathom
Name a hobby:
Fantasy football and cooking

Ashley Petta

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Ashley is a 30-year old restaurant manager living in Chicago, IL. Her parents, who've been married for over 30 years, have show her what commitment and respect look like in a relationship. She is ready to marry a man who is confident, charismatic and ambitious. 

Inside 5!

Favorite family heirloom:
My mom has over 600 handwritten letters that my grandparents wrote to each other while my grandfather was stationed in Germany during WWII. So cool to read.
Movie you could watch over and over:
"How to be Single". I love Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson together.
Favorite dessert:
Champagne and anything chocolate!
Leather or lace:
Definitely lace
Three items in your purse other than lipstick, wallet and a phone:
Gum, back-up battery, headphones 

Cody Knapek

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Cody is a 26-year old entrepreneur living in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. He's trusting the experts to match him with a woman who loves to laugh and is empathetic. He's willing to put 100% towards a relationship and marriage. 

Inside 5!

Morning person or night owl:
I am more of a morning person for sure. I like to get up early and get a good head start to my day!
Ford Mustang or Jeep Wrangler:
Jeep Wrangler all the way!
Celebrity crush: 
Lolo Jones has got to be my #1 celebrity crush
Favorite sport to play:
I played football in college, but i actually enjoy playing basketball more! i just wasn't good enough to get a basketball scholarship, but I live it and still play a few times a week!
Destination on your bucket list:
Right now the favorite destination on my bucket list is Paris. I hear great things!


 "Married at First Sight" returns tonight on Lifetime TV at 8/7c! 

Married at First Sight Season 5 - Getting to Know Three Singles!

Season 5 of Married at First Sight begins tonight and fans couldn't be more excited! As we all wait with baited breath for the 3 hour season premiere tonight, let's get a closer look at 3 of the singles. I wanted to see what blows their hair back...because you know...Chicago is the windy city! 

Sheila Downs

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Sheila is a 31-year old director of operations for a local school district in Chicago, IL. She's had the idyllic life with great role models. She knows exactly what she wants in a partner and is trusting the experts to find her perfect match! 

Inside 5!

Most cherished possession:
Picture of my grandma - reminds me of my childhood, who I am and what's important.
Pizza or sush:
Sushi please!
Last movie you saw:
Just watched "Hidden Figures" OnDemand
Favorite clothing store:
It depends. It's all about catching them on a good day, but I like "Akira" a lot.
What do you first notice when you meet someone:
Smile...definitely the smile!

Danielle Degroot

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Danielle is a 30-year old registered dietician from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Her parents have provided her with a great example of a healthy, loving relationship. She's hopeful the experts can find her an intelligent and witty partner. 

Inside 5!

Flowers or chocolate:
How about baseball or concert tickets instead? Just kidding...kind of. Flowers are nice now and then. 
Last song you were obsessed with:
"Vice" by Miranda Lambert. Honestly, the entire album, "The Weight of These Wings". Obsessed!
Favorite musical of all time:
That's tough! I grew up on musicals! Let's go with, "Guys and Dolls".
Best vacation spot:
Somewhere with mountains! Or Nashville...I love Nashville.
Something you can't live without:
I couldn't live without my dogs or music. 

Nate Duhon

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Nate is a 26-year old business manager living in Chicago, IL. He was raised by his mother and excelled in playing basketball. He's looking for an ambitious and intelligent woman to settle down and eventually raise a family with. 

Inside 5!

Favorite musical group:
No specific group, I just love RnB. That's good RnB, like "Tank".
Camping or all-inclusive resort?
All-inclusive resort for sure! I'm afraid an animal might get me if I go camping.
Guilty pleasure:
Ice cream with anything that includes caramel and chocolate.
Most recent book you've read:
The "Bible"
What would you want for your last meal:
I'll take a 12 oz. filet, medium, with some Cajun king crab legs and some jerk shrimp. For dessert, I'll take a molten lava chocolate cake drizzled with warm caramel and and scoop of ice cream! 

 "Married at First Sight" returns tonight on Lifetime TV at 8/7c!