Tuesday, January 17, 2017

'Can a Single Kiss Determine the Potential for True Love?' Executive Producer Sam Dean Shares Insight on "Kiss Bang Love"

Production company Kinetic Content has teamed up with FYI Network to bring viewers another radical social experiment, "Kiss Bang Love". This awkward, yet very intriguing concept gives singles yet another unconventional way of meeting their possible soulmate. 

The question begs, when you take physicality out of the equation, what role does chemistry play in the connecting of people? 

From the show's concept, to hygiene, to protocol, I've got a behind-the-scene look at "Kiss Bang Love" in this exclusive interview with executive producer, Sam Dean. 

Can you share the concept behind #KissBangLove?

Many believe that kissing is not only a lot of fun, but also serves a purpose in mate selection and determining compatibility between two people. Some reports suggest that a great kiss can stimulate the pleasure centers in our brain as we release chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin which make us feel euphoric and bonded to our partner. A bad kiss however, can stimulate our stress hormones and ultimately discourage us from pursuing the potential match. In addition a kiss can offer insight into someone’s personality; are they aggressive, gentle, dominant, romantic etc. Therefore "Kiss Bang Love" explores this theory- can a single kiss determine the potential for true love? Do we have the ability to assess the long-term suitability of a partner with a kiss? 

Photo credit: Kinetic Content

What happens between each blindfolded “contestant” that viewers don’t see?
Between each kiss the main kisser and her kissees' have time to freshen up: brush their teeth, use mouth wash; have make up touched up; re-hydrate, and build up their nerve.

Do the friends that are watching and providing commentary get to interact with the lead to give feedback?
Because they know the kisser’s dating preferences, habits and history best, the friends/family’s commentary provides a valuable insight to the audience throughout the kissing process. The kisser’s friends/family are not permitted to influence the kisser’s decision and have no contact with the kisser until they have made their final decision.

Is having a “contestant” from the past a part of each show and if so, why?
In our premiere episode, Dani’s friends nominated one of her ex-boyfriends, Dan, to participate in the experiment. Neither Dani nor Dan knew the other was  involved. Dani’s friends felt that there was still great potential and unfinished business between the two. It is, however, not a standard format point to include a previous love interest in each episode. It is dependent on each of our main kisser’s personal situations. 

Why do you have the lead kiss the one they are choosing in front of the other vs. having a more private setting?
We wanted to raise the stakes and for everyone to find out the decisions at the same time. 

Do you follow up with the couples post-show? 

We keep in touch with the participants and track the progression of their love story.  

"Kiss Bang Love" is like watching "The Bachelor" on steroids...minus the catty drama. It's one of the most intriguing shows that I can't stop watching. Tune in with me on Tuesday nights at 10/9c on FYI.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seven Year Switch - Identifying and Aligning With Relationship Struggles

As I safely tuck away the memories...good and bad of 2016, I resolve to live, laugh, love and learn more in 2017. I resolve to be a better wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend...and blogger. 

As a lifelong learner, I continually seek ways to gain knowledge. Through it's innovative and inventive programming, production company Kinetic Content provides me the opportunity to grow in my relationships while getting my reality TV fix. Watching "Seven Year Switch" on FYI is one of those opportunities. 

In this docu-series, eight people agree to pair up with experimental spouses and participate for an intense two weeks in a series of expert guided activities and exercises called switch therapy...and it's not what you think it is. 

In switch therapy, clinical psychologist, Dr. Jill Griffin and relationship expert Charles J. Orlando, work with the experimental couples to figure out changes they need to make to save their real marriages. And the beauty is, I as a viewer can identify potential areas of difficulty that align with the couples and learn ways to address them.

Challenges with communication, finances, commitment, compatibility, trust and respect are threaded through every relationship. Watching the introduction of the couples and what they struggle with is indeed a reality check. I see pieces of my own marriage, past, present and future. 

Tony and Liliya

Photo credit: FYI

  • Finding more of a balance is important to this relationship. If Tony continues to do the majority of the giving and Liliya the taking, resentment will build.
  • Both people need to feel listened to and valued. Silence is not always golden. 

Dustin and Jaclyn

Photo credit: FYI

  • The parent/child dynamic is not working in this marriage. 
  • Dustin has to be equally invested in what it takes to fix their marriage. That may take him giving up the single life he's living.  

James and Kelsey

Photo credit: FYI

  • Money is one of the major causes of discourse with James and Kelsey. A mutually agreeable financial plan needs to be developed and adhered to.
  • Kelsey has made several attempts to let James know her needs are not being met. If James doesn't take her seriously, someone else may. 

Aaron and Heather 

Photo credit: FYI

  • Aaron needs to designate time to communicate with Heather each day without the distraction of phones or computers. 
  • Sharing of responsibilities is critical for this couple. Heather needs to stand up for herself and not continue to give in. 

The first opportunity to see these brave individuals interact was, shall we say... enlightening. As a strong and confident woman, I began to wonder...is there a healthy balance in my marriage? Does my husband feel he has an equal voice? Are there times I fall into the dreaded mother roll?

For this is not about solely analyzing and critiquing the individuals participating in switch therapy. It's about analyzing and critiquing myself. Here's to more living, laughing, loving and learning in 2017! 

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