Friday, July 31, 2015

Seven Year Switch - I'm In it For the Long Haul

Photo credit FYI

I admit I am a reality TV and social experiment junkie. I am fascinated by how the human mind operates and interacts with others in challenging situations. But I also have a strong moral compass, which can cause conflict with my affinity for reality TV. 

When FYI announced their new TV series, Seven Year Switch, I had reservations. I wasn't completely sure about the concept, but I vowed to keep an open mind. I watched the first 3 episodes with cautious optimism, and FYI did not disappoint. 

The title, Seven Year Switch, can be misleading. The concept of switch therapy is that couples spend two weeks with someone who fulfills their "ideal" traits in a partner. It looks at what happens in a relationship when the shine has worn off and it's easier to focus on the negative rather than the positive. 

The four couples on Seven Year Switch are on the brink of divorce. Participating in this social experiment is a last ditch effort to save their marriage. One goal is for the couples to figure out how to learn and grow so they can make changes in their real marriage.

Screencap made by Bee courtesy of FYI
 "We think this concept of switch therapy, as radical sounding as it is, just may be a new approach to saving marriages", says show expert and clinical psychologist, Dr. Jessica Griffin. 

Part of therapy is putting people in challenging psychological circumstances that will test each person's level of commitment in saving their marriage. The success of the experiment is up to each individual. If it's going to work, they have to open up and put in the work. 

After watching the first three episodes, I'm definitely in it for the long haul. It's about personal look at what I can learn that will add value to my own life and relationship. For me, that's what great reality TV is all about. 

Seven Year Switch is on FYI on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.