Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Episode 4

When I heard Des Hartsock was going to be the next Bachelorette, I was thrilled. She was a fun, bubbly and enthusiastic contestant on Sean Lowe's season. I wish we were seeing more of that this season. Show us the Des we fell in love with, please!

I'd like to give a special shout-out to Love_Me at Bachelor and Bachette Forums, for not only allowing me the use of her screencaps, but for making special pics at my request, solely for your viewing pleasure! Thanks, Love!

Life and Love on the Jersey Shore

They guys wait with baited breath to 
find out the first stop on their world tour.

I need a cuppa jo.

I need to flex my abs in the shower.

Did Chris Harrison just say Atlantic City? 

I just wanna kiss Des. 

Now where did I put those pumps?

Yes! I feel a poem coming on...

I feel a reciting of Shakespeare coming on...

My first time on a plane with 13 dudes!

You're good to go, James Mikey. I got it.
(Thanks for correcting me M!)

Real men don't use Kleenex. 

Who is going to get the catapult?

Just give me a moment to meditate.

Congrats dude. At least you don't have to 
sit around here all day like the rest of us.

Who's walkin' down the 
streets of the city,
Smiling at everybody she sees...

Wow! How did you just happen to be all here waiting for me?

I really wanted some cotton candy.  
Where is Elan?

Maybe not always.

Things always happen on a carousel. 

Des dreams of feeding Brad eating chocolate.

Brad dreams of knocking over the sand castle with Maddex.

Did you say something? All I can hear is crickets chirping.

We're taking the scene when I give you the boot, from the top...literally.

Sorry Brad, I'm not the girl to complete your family.

Let me zip my pants before the suitcase bandit arrives.

I wonder if he can get back to the lighthouse 
before Brad gets back down the 800 steps...

Let the Hodgepodge of Tom Foolery Begin...

Des is excited to see the swimwear competition!

Mikey is excited to meet Miss America! Is she inside?

Drew is secretly hoping for a mankini. 
Will the stars align?

Zak is hoping for another abs shot. So are we...

Chris is hoping for a new pair of stiletto's...

Juan Pablo is hoping to be reunited with his soccer ball...

Practice Makes Perfect

Explore yourselves for a talent that works for you. Huh?

I can't wait to perform this in front of a live audience. Really?

I got this. Serious romanticism. Agree!

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Who's got the best set of legs?

Who is the best baton 
twirler in the house?

What relationship skill do you need to improve upon?

Maybe taking her out to dinner a few more times than is necessary. 

Mmmm...this foot in my mouth tastes good. 

What is something that most women don't understand about men?

In my experience, most women see me as a meathead.

Now let me show you why.

A Splash of Color

Sometimes there are just no words...

Sorry, Drew...I got the Speedo, bro. 

Some dudes have all the luck.

Remember to give a wave to the judges...

How's it going Mr. Mayor?

Who's Got Talent?

3rd Runner-up is Chris. Okay, I totally made that up
because this takes guts...or something.

2nd Runner-up, Brooks breaks the mold...or the Ukulele.

1st Runner-up, Zak sings his way to #1 in my book...or blog.

But the winner of  the first and last Mr. America Pageant is Kasey...

...for tapping into his talent to bust a the top of the 11-pack.

Who's Going to Make a Big Splash?

Ben causes a ripple effect for flaunting his connection with Des in front of the guys.

Des makes a splash by playing a little water footsie with Brooks.

Juan Pablo is making waves in the hot tub. Steamy.

Chris dives right into Des' heart with that poem he felt coming on...

...and gets a reward for his efforts.

But it's Zak that drops the cannonball by singing the "rest of the song" in perfect harmony... 

...receiving the coveted group date rose.

Bachelornation Gives Back

Hurricane Sandy Shakes up the Jersey Shore
And viewing it from above shakes up Des and James. 

Heartfelt emotions at seeing the total devastation firsthand.

Manny and Jan: The Epitome of Weathering the Storm

Being allowed a small lens into this very special couple's lives...unbelievable.

Giving Manny and Jan dinner and a private concert with Darius Rucker...priceless.

Seeing Manny's reaction to the generosity of Des and the producers...emotional.

Restoration of the wedding album by the American Red Cross...unforgettable.

Not a dry eye to be found in the 
viewing audience...gut-wrenching.

Every roadblock was a chance to say, take my hand I'm here beside you...true believers.

While eating pizza...

James confesses to cheating on his ex-girlfriend of 5 years.

Did you have to wreck the 
moment with a confession?

But Des says she appreciates James' honesty, 
feels he is trustworthy and gives him the rose.

 Des Knows How to Have Fun ;)

NOT in the Friend Zone

We get it with Chris...
But Michael and Drew?
Who knew?

Who Will Roll Their Way Out of 
the Jersey Shore?

Sweet but Silent Zack!

Sneak peek at next week!

Bryden interrupts Des and Chris on their 1:1 date. 

Group date on a snow-covered mountain.

The dreaded 2:1 in a hottug. Who will stay, who will go?