Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Spouse House ~Are You Ready for This? Top Tweets

Sunday nights have just gotten a whole lot sweeter with the new reality speed-dating/marriage show #SpouseHouse on TLC. I mean, who doesn't LOVE to watch people fall in love? Each week I'll comb through Twitter to bring you the most humorous and light-hearted Tweets...with a little snark commentary added in. Enjoy... 

One word...addiction 

Because we live in an "instant" society. 

Happy dance. 

A totally gif worthy reaction.

With a better success rate, please.  

Patience is a virtue. 

Idea for a new show... 



With lots of basketball. 

Words you want to hear at your daughter's wedding.

 Better late than never, I say.

Things you hear on #SpouseHouse 

With Bette Midler jumping out from behind the pink curtains.

 My fingers were permanently stuck on the crying emoji.

You and the rest of the ENTIRE World.

I have so many questions about this.

Or maybe even a cousin.

Ben speaking his truth.

We like real better than fake.

Start packing your bags.

We've definitely moved waayyy beyond Bags.

Pining away our lives until next week.


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