Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ~ Highs and Lows

This week's episode of Married at First Sight: Second Chances had us on a constant rush of highs and lows. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling rather drained. Let's get to it...

Low Blows  

Shannon...who usually has all the right moves, announces to 
Vanessa he's going to Thailand for a week...in the middle of dating her.  

David, hoping for a drama-free date, cringes when 
Malika announces Callie has been talking badly about the other 
girls. I'm still not a fan of tattling. This is getting old, really fast. 

 Nathan admits to wanting a level of submissiveness
and a woman who knows how to be a woman. Wait....what??? 

David saw something in Maya that we didn't see. I'm pretty sure his 
heart is a little broken in this moment. Kudos to him for being able 
to set it aside for the sake of his date with Misha, Isabella and Malika.

Wait...dude! You're gonna show up late to a date 
without calling and call HER rude for wanting a man 
that makes her feel respected? Vanessa's response about the 
boxes and stereotypes women have to face every day was spot on. 

Callie says she doesn't want her relationship with 
the other (insert record scratch) girls to get damaged. 
No mention of harming her relationship with David. 

Zach finally comes clean to Vanessa that his desired profession is 
acting. While I understand his apprehension, it shows a level of immaturity. 

High Fives   

 Pooya tells Vanessa the reason he didn't call or show 
up for their date was because he fell asleep. Whoa! With 
that level of disrespect, Vanessa respectfully says bub-bye! 

David lets Mandy Grace down easy, telling her that although he 
originally connected with her, they haven't moved forward. I love 
the respect he shows the women, even when he's breaking up with them. 

Calvin Roberson is the man. His advice to Vanessa... 
trust yourself and your instincts. Get what you want and don't settle. 

Advice for David...take the same principles in your 
job and apply them to your relationship. Take the lead, 
be honest with how you feel and get in the driver seat. 

Myles impresses Vanessa by making her a ceramic heart.
I'm impressed with how he looks at her. Can we just 
say, this guy knows how to make a girl feel special?

 Britney gives David (and us) a much needed break from all the 
girl drama. Their date is just what it should be...fun and romantic. 

Myles has all the right moves. Their connection is natural
and easy like Sunday morning. I'm cautiously optimistic. 

I'm giving Jordan kudos. Although she felt she was being honest 
with David regarding Malika, he was offended. It took integrity to 
apologize for her actions, clearly showing she cares for his well-being.

When Chris gets middle school level 
tongue-tied and flustered around Vanessa, she 
reaches for his hand to calm him down. Cutest thing ever. 

Check back to see who makes the Ups and Downs List for next week! 


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