Thursday, May 11, 2017

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ~ Advice and Adversary

In this week's Married at First Sight: Second Chances recap, there's some great advice from the experts and a little bit of drama.

Sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz gives guidance to David and Vanessa as they start their journey. 

  • Identify your deal-breakers.
  • The more information you collect, the more it will help you to see beyond physical attraction. 
  • Stay focused on who these women really are. Chemistry can lead you down the wrong path. 
  • Kissing someone at this level could impact your relationship and create drama with the other women. 

  • Get below the surface and ask questions that will separate initial physical attraction from those you can grow a deeper connection with. 
  • Look for a guy that asks a lot of questions and wants to get to know you. 
  • Watch the guys when they aren't interacting with you. 
  • Look for good nature and somebody that knows how to interact with other people in a positive way. 

Now for the drama. 

Jennifer tells David she feels there's something between them that he hasn't seen yet because he hasn't given it enough time. At this point, I wish David would have taken off his nice guy glasses, but he can't. They are an integral part of his head and his heart. That's why we love him.

Jennifer: You're not going to regret giving me a second chance, I promise. (Now let me sell you some prime oceanfront property in Arizona.) 

I'm pretty sure he regretted his decision to keep Jennifer like maybe a second after he made it.

And speaking of watching for interaction with others for good nature...

Bullying is never okay. But let me just put this out there...I have huge red flags when every single person has issue with one person. I also have issues when someone doesn't accept responsibility for their own role in conflict and places sole blame on others, not to mention tattle-telling. Is it editing? We shall see. 

Competitive side or not, anyone that makes a joke about special olympics is reprehensible. 

This one needs no explanation or comment...just no. 

Unprovoked antagonism is no bueno...period. 

Next week I'll start sharing who my favorites are and why. Until then...

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