Thursday, June 22, 2017

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ~ Sunshine and Clouds

Could Married at First Sight: Second Chances on FYI get any more intense? Holy cow, my guts feel like they've been through my Spiralizer.  

It's clear through social media that people are firmly set in their camps. Tara and Myles are making S'mores for the masses, and for Melika and Shannon, the embers are dying out. We ALL want what's best for David and Vanessa, but in the end, they have to follow their hearts. 

Let's take a look at the moments that brought sun and clouds while watching their journey this week... 

Cloudy Skies

 Misha oozed with integrity as she said goodbye to David. 
She has a lot to give some luck guy. Go get your man, girl! 

Chris has a lot of great qualities that will mature well with age.

Although the guys reaction to Shannon was priceless...
will we ever get to see the real gem underneath the humorous shell?
I know it's hiding underneath there!

When you find out there has been no romance between
David and Salem. My prediction is she is next to go home.

I see pain on Isabella's face when she talks about her ex.
Does she need more time to heal her heart before she can fully commit? 

Shining Brightly as the Sun  

Myles saying he wants to raise children that are free thinkers is giving me life.
But hey, I'm a happily married woman! So the question is, is it giving Vanessa life?

The exes talk clearly had no impact on David.
That was not just a cordial peck. He went all in on that kiss with Isabella.

Zach is stepping it up and bringing his A-game...or is it his green-eyed game?!

Tara beams when she is with David. This is how 
every man wants his woman to look at him. Right David? 

Either Vanessa is giving Shannon some intensive 
hand-holding therapy, or she's hanging on for dear life.

Melika finally admits she can see a future with David and he's 
totally gobsmacked. Please don't hurt him. 

Andre is falling for Vanessa's smile, her cute little nose and 
her laugh. Vanessa is falling for Andre too...blonde curls and all. 


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All screencaps credited to Kinetic Content

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Married at First Sight ~ Trust According to the Experts

There are so many reasons to watch Married at First Sight on Lifetime! The last two weeks the advice from experts regarding relationships and trust was so ah-maz-ing, I've decided to blog the little golden nuggets. 

Dr. Pepperisms

Photo credit: Kinetic Content
Intimacy is not just about having sex. It's about trust and sharing your heart. 
Marriage requires a lot of effort. It can be hard work. To be in love, to have a life with somebody else that is meaningful to you both, to have that trust, to have that joy, it's worth everything. 
Trust is often thought in terms of non-monogamy or betrayal of a secret, but trust is also about keeping each other safe emotionally.
You can't build trust by assurances, you have to build trust with behavior. Once you can do that, you can create a lifetime marriage. 


Photo credit: Kinetic Content
Trust is something many people in relationships struggle with because we take everything from our past and question people's intentions and whether we can be vulnerable with them. 
Trust is an essential component of any relationship. The only way that trust will build is through time and experience, through actions and words.  
We think that relationships are about grand gestures, but really it's the little things that add up over time.  


Photo credit: Kinetic Content
They can start to build trust with each other. If they can learn to lean on each other's strengths and not focus on weaknesses, they can be a great couple. 
I want you to talk about some of your insecurities and vulnerabilities. The better you know each other, the quicker your trust is going to grow. 
If you're building a house and you have a foundation, think of trust like the cement that holds the blocks together.
Trust is that thing which says, hey, no matter what happens in our relationship, I'm going to be here for you and you're going to be here for me. That only happens when people are open and honest with each other. That's when real trust is built...out of honesty. 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Married at First Sight Second Chances ~ Ins and Outs

This week on Married at First Sight: Second Chances, Vanessa and David narrow it down to their top 5. Who's on my in and outs list? Let's find out...

On the Outs

David, did you really just say to put in a good word 
with Vanessa's sister Kenya? Oh, heck no. Boy, bye! 

Maya did not abandon David. It was the situation. 
Not the person or the's the thing.  

When you're trying to move up from #4...
 you buy her a t-shirt from the airport.

David literally steaming from the hot water he's in...

...and the girls having no part of the Maya story. 

Wait...(record scratch) did Andre just say IKEA???

Asking for complete honesty and 
transparency...except when it comes to Melika.

Melika can't answer whether she sees a 
future with David and he is thrilled. I'm so confused by this. 

In Like Flynn  

I'm not sure Zach's the one for Vanessa, but those eyes, though.

Salem's priorities are David and her work...
AND...she's ready for marriage and a family. Ding, Ding, Ding!

He does the little things to make his woman 
happy. Oh, Chris. We're beyond thrilled it's not just a pretty face.

I was totally waiting for David to bust out singing Olivia Newton John's, 
"You, light up my life, you give me hope, to carry on..." to Isabella. 

Shannon making a "serious" move up from the #4 seat.

Tara is the total package for David. Just ask the fans.  

Inviting Andre into her personal space, introducing him to Nola, 
cooking him oxtails, gushing over his compliments...
he just moved into the lead for V's heart. 

It's the initial traction that pulls David in. 
That hasn't worked for him in the past. 
He's got to go deeper and look into the heart & soul of the person. 
Mama Norton dropping truth bombs! 

There is so much perfection in this picture, I can't even.
But can Vanessa? THAT is the question. 


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All screencaps credited to Kinetic Content