Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Married At First Sight: The First Year S:2 E:5 - This is Something Serious

In this week's episode of Married At First Sight: The First Year, things get all kinds of serious. We're talking major serious, with all three couples disconnecting on marriage, house buying and having children.

Doug and Jamie

One of the cardinal relationship rules is to stay in the present and leave the past behind you. All the talk of Jamie having feelings for her ex makes it impossible for her to focus on her relationship with Doug.

This erodes Doug's confidence in himself and where their relationship is headed. It puts a huge dent in the foundation of trust they were building. 

Dr. Pepper encourages Doug to open up and express his feelings of sadness, hurt and frustration with Jamie. I get why this is so hard for Doug. With her strong personality, it's hard to feel heard.

When he finally opens up, Jamie is shocked to learn that Doug questions her level of commitment. Really? 

Jamie decides a road trip seems like the perfect time to bring up buying a house and having a baby. Only Doug just can't. He needs to know they are stable before he can even have that conversation. 

They decide they need marriage counseling. Great move. Looks like more great advice will be forthcoming. 

Have I said how much I love Jamie's sister Leah? Two weeks in a row, Leah tells it to Jamie straight up. She points out how selfish and hard Jamie can be with her demands on Doug. Even Jamie admits she has super high expectations and goals. 

This is some pretty tough self-reflection for Jamie, but she is starting to get it. 

It's time for the gender reveal party. Who was with me holding their breath to see if the ex would show up? Fortunately, he was MIA, but not the Hehner's. Boy did they represent.  

Wonder of wonders! Jamie FINALLY realizes how fortunate she is to have Doug and his family right by her side. They love and accept both Jamie and her family. This is HUGE, people! 

Will this finally bridge the gap and allow them to move 
forward in their relationship? We certainly hope so! 

Neph and Jasmine

Cortney knows exactly how Jasmine feels, alone in the middle of NYC. Girls need girlfriends. They spend the afternoon shopping and chatting about how hard it is to be away from their families. Cortney asks some tough questions and Jasmine is up for them. 

When Jasmine opens up about her relationship with Neph, Cortney, 
who got Married At First Sight, is shocked to find out they've already 
discussed marriage. I find this slightly comical...but I love it. 

Cortney decides to question Neph about it at dinner, 
where we find out that Neph and Jasmine are NOT 
on the same page regarding marriage.

As a part of her Hispanic culture, Jasmine feels the pressure to get married when you move away from home.

Neph loves her, but he's definitely not ready to take the next step. 

BOOM! Just like that, our girl Cortney lays it on the line to Neph...

You're ready for her to move to New York, buy a house, have her move in and cook and clean, but you're not ready for marriage? Ouch. 

Jasmine is confused by Neph's answer 
and doesn't know where they stand. 
This gives us a serious case of the sadz. 

Has Neph learned from his mistakes and healed the scars from his first marriage? Will he  commit to Jasmine?

Jason and Cortney

Feeling crowded, Jason and Cortney write down on the ultimate white board, the pros and cons of moving from their one-room studio apartment. They've got some serious issues to discuss. It's a good thing they have a whole wall to make their diagrams on. 

With talk of Neph looking for a house, Jason starts
dreaming of buying a home in Brooklyn. He's worked so hard 
to get the job of his dreams as a NYCF.

Horrified, Cortney does NOT want the permanency of buying a home in NYC. Her desire is to move to North Carolina and start raising children near her family. I can't say I blame her. Family is important.

Clearly these two are not in agreement with this. In a normal situation, it would have been discussed prior to marriage...but it's not possible when you get Married At First Sight

Cortney wants Jason to see why she loves North Carolina so much, 
so she books a vacation to Charlotte without his knowledge. Let's 
just say, although disappointed, Jason takes it in stride. Good job, Jason.
He loves his wife and understands how much she misses her family. 

But Jason does feel the need to vent to the bros. How does he give up everything he's worked so hard for to start all over again? Being a firefighter in NC is not what he signed up for. And chances are, they don't have a firefighter's calendar. 

Can Jason and Cortney come to an agreement on where they want to buy a home and raise a family? 

What impact will the vacay in Charlotte have on their marriage?

Tune in to FYI at 9/8c next week to find out! 

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