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Married At First Sight The First Year S:2 E:4 Wrong Path in Life

Married At First Sight -The First Year on FYI brings viewers through the many challenges and rewards of new marriage and growing love. But as in real life, it's not always smooth sailing. 

This week's episode has the twists and turns of dealing with both old and new relationships. 

Comparing the Old and the New

Jamie has a heart to heart with Doug, revealing her deepest thoughts about her continued feelings for her ex. She's questioned from day one whether she took the wrong path in life. 

Ouch...just what every guy wants to hear. You have to wonder if that level of brutal honesty is beneficial or detrimental to their marriage. 

Doug is upset that Jamie has never considered him the love of her life. Despite that fact, he's still right beside her, offering his love and support. What a true gem he is. I hope Jamie "gets it" before it's too late. 

Brotherly Advice Never Gets Old

When Jamie brings up her ex, it's like a slap in the face for Doug. Feeling neglected and disrespected, he turns to his brother for guidance.

Matt is spot on with his questions. What is Jamie bringing to Doug in the relationship? After a year into the marriage, why is the ex coming up in conversation? When do you draw the line in the sand?  

This is a battle that Doug feels he's never going to win. He's looking pretty deflated and defeated right now. We're feeling it too.

Nuances of Sister Talk

Jamie admits she can't control her feelings for her ex. So inviting him to her sister's baby gender reveal party seems like a good idea...why? Because the ex has been a big part of her family and she wants Doug to meet him...again, why?

Oh, my. Can we say awkward? Jamie's sister's face says it all. Our faces look the same.

As always, Dr. Pepper plays it straight with Jamie. Put this guy way out of your life. Focus on Doug and your marriage. Stay in the present. 

Find a therapist to help you through your struggles.

Do your homework on yourself but don't put the weight, the fear and the sadness of your personal issues on your partner. Will Jamie listen?

Brothers and Best Friends
Neph and Jason have had a chance to let their emotions chill since their blow-up and they're ready to talk again. I love everything about this conversation. Jason admits to overreacting and taking his anger out on Neph. We've all been there. It's often those we love that get to see us at our best and worst. 

As Jason pours his heart out, Neph offers him brotherly love and support...the very thing missing in his life. Neph listens, explains why he reacted the way he did, and asks thought provoking questions. This is exactly what Jason needed.

Have I said how much I love the addition of Neph to the show and the dynamic of his relationship with Jason? Look at the smile on Jason's face. 

Oldies and Newbies

Now that the guys have cleared the air, it's time for a family  birthday party for Neph.

Cortney is excited to see that Jasmine brought happiness back into Neph's life.  We are excited too. 

Although Neph is confident with his decision to buy a house, Jason questions if he's moving too fast. Color them skeptical, but they've seen the hurt he went through and they don't want to see it again. 

Cortney Encourages Jason

Cortney brings it again, with her stellar advice. You each need to be happy as an individual and then when you come together, you're happy as a couple.

Dr. Pepper is spot on, as well. When you're a child, what happens to you is beyond your control. But when you are an adult, then you can decide what you really want to find out. 

Jason realizes to finally have closure, it's important to get answers to why his family wasn't there for him. Cortney vows to be right by his side every step of the way.

Jason deserves to know why his father disappeared and he needs to hear it from his father's mouth. This isn't Jason's issue. It's his dad's issue. Cortney is right...children don't get to choose their parents. 

There is nothing an 11-year old child could possibly ever do to deserve being abandoned. Nothing. 

As painful as it is to see Jason go through this, I can't help but think how inspiring it is for others in a similar situation. To watch him process, deal with and heal from such a life trauma is pretty amazing. One more reason to love Married At First Sight.  

Keeping it Fresh

The #MAFSWivesClub reunites to let loose and have fun. The girls are getting their sexy on with a dance pole workout. Having the girls together again seems like old times. 

Jamie finally makes an effort to connect with Doug and busts out the moves she learned. He becomes an active part of the action. It's a good sign that she's taking Dr. Pepper's words to heart. 

What is Monet up to? She's decided to join forces with a group of women who are trying to find love in NYC and she's feeling optimistic for the future. This alludes to a new show she will be part of. We can't wait to watch! 

Speaking of can't wait to watch...here is our first look at Married At First Sight Season 3, coming December 1st on FYI Network at 9/8c. I love the change in location from New York to Atlanta and the diversity of the couples. I am so stoked for this season! 

Married At First Sight Season 3 Preview Credit: FYI

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