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Married At First Sight The First Year S:2 E:3 Blog - Not Cool Jamie

First of all, I want to give a shout out to all you caretakers out there. I've been away from my passion of writing, caring for family members the last two months, 24/7 and it is NOT easy. I will never again take for granted the joy of taking a nice leisurely hot shower first thing in the morning! 

Okay...on to blogging about our favorite show. Can you seriously believe how good Married At First Sight - The First Year Season 2 is? FYI and Kinetic Content once again, have me on the edge of my seat. Yes, I'm glued to my TV...but as always, it's also about learning valuable life lessons. 

Let me just say, I LOVE the addition of Neph and Jasmine to this season. Just when we think it couldn't get any better, Kinetic Content adds a fresh new concept. The combination of new love, mixed in with the complication of moving in with the fam, topped off with the fascinating interaction between the brotherhood of Neph and Jason, make it a win-win for viewers. 

Jason and Cortney

Now that it's been a year since Jason's mom passed, he's really struggling with the absence of family. As he and Cortney get closer to having kids of their own, Jason questions whether it's possible to be a good dad, with the absence of a strong father figure. This is real life...a path many viewers have been on. The pain is deep and the hurt is written all over his face.

Unfortunately, Neph missed it, leading to a total disconnect with these two. Jason just needed someone to listen to him, not question his feelings or give him advice. Despite our best efforts, sometimes you just can't see the forrest for the trees. 

Cortney to the rescue. At a very young age, she has figured out that the harder you push your spouse, the more they retreat. So instead, she stands by Jason, supporting and encouraging him through difficult times. Wise beyond her years, this girl. 

Little by little, Jason is opening up and the walls are coming down. He knows that making believe things don't exist and shutting people out is not the right way to cope. But is he ready for this?

Neph and Jasmine

Ready to take their relationship to the next level, Jasmine makes the move from Texas to New York. With the help of his mother, Neph brushes up on some "cheesy" Spanish phrases. We'll give him an "A" for effort. 

While the gift of cannoli's was spot on, it's a short term commitment. If you want to talk long-term, it's all about adequate closet space. And no, I'm not going to bring up Ryan and Jess. We'll just let that closet door stay closed.  

Neph is ready to commit himself emotionally, mentally and physically, 100%. 
Can they make a go of it while living with his family? I love the dynamics this relationship brings. It will be interesting to watch it unfold.

Doug and Jamie

Oh, where to even begin? Based on social media reaction, all of America is disillusioned by Jamie's behavior. Doug can do no right in her eyes, yet he continues to try...and try...and try.  

My favorite new term? Emotional fatigue! I can only imagine how weary Doug must feel to have to prove himself over and over as being trustworthy. 

So setting aside our disappointment, what life lessons can we learn as we watch these two struggle?

First of all, let this be a lesson on how NOT to apologize. That face...

Second of all, may we see how damaging it is to CONSTANTLY pick on, criticize and undermine our spouse. Yes, that is verbal abuse. You go, Dr. Pepper. 

And last, it should be completely clear that NOTHING good can come from contacting and renewing a relationship with an ex. 

Jamie was told to nix the ex by both Dr. Pepper and Monet. She openly admitted to knowing it's wrong, yet she's unwilling to give up the relationship. One minute she says she can't get him out of her head, the next she asks her sister to invite him to a party. Wait...what??? 

Let's just say there's a reason they named this episode, "Not Cool, Jamie". Having said that, it takes guts to lay it all out there, so kudos to her for that. 

Golden Nuggets


One of the things I love the best about Married At First Sight is the advice that is given to the couples. Each week I learn something new that I can apply to my own relationship. 

Our sole expert this season, Sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, is really bringing it. Here are my golden nuggets:

  • It takes a lifetime sometimes to understand yourself and come to terms with certain things. 
  • We are constantly evolving into becoming the person we want to be. 
  • Sometimes we fail at differentiating ourselves from our childhood and that affects the relationships that are in our adult life.
  • Where does the bickering come from? It usually doesn't come from the subject at hand, rather something deeper that is pushing those emotions.
  • It's not fair to project what you think makes an adult, to somebody who has a different background. 
  • You can't stuff feelings. Eventually, they will come out in some way. Shutting down or withdrawing is the absolute worst thing you can do. 
  • Say how you feel as problem solving, not criticism of the other individual. Criticism sets up defensiveness and leads to the other person shutting down instead of listening to how you're feeling.
  • It's important to schedule date nights and do something new and fun. The more good times you have together, the happier you are to be with each other. Ultimately, this makes it easier to deal with the stuff that isn't so much fun. 
Wow...that's a lot of great advice! Thank you Dr. Pepper! 

Will Jason pursue finding and meeting his father? Can Neph and Jasmine build a relationship while living with his family? Does Jamie give up her relationship with her ex and give 100% to Doug? Let's tune in to Married At First Sight The First Year on FYI Tuesday's at 9/8c and discuss! 

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