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Seven Year Switch S:1 E:6 - Facing Regret

FYI's new hit series Seven Year Switch is a radical social experiment. In a last ditch effort to save their marriages, four couples are paired for 2 weeks with an experimental partner that has the "ideal" qualities they think they want. 

In episode 6, we were promised intense and that's exactly what +FYI Television Network delivered! 

Spousal Meeting of the Minds

Things heat up as the couples realize the experimental spouses have made a connection and have had fun together. They each feel a line has been crossed in the experiment. Regrets abound, but it's what they do with those regrets, that matters.

Although Hou has shared a bed with Leah, he's upset to hear that Neal and Aleshia only have one bed in their apartment. Is this a double standard?

Rachel and CW agreed not to share a drink with their experimental spouse. CW decided not to honor that agreement and Rachel is devastated. Is her trust as shattered as her heart? 

Leah feels betrayed that Neal is talking to Aleshia about wanting to have children, when they previously agreed not to have them. Did their lines of communication get crossed or did he have a change of heart? 

Eric learns that CW and Danielle went snowboarding at Big Bear Park, the place where they got married. Should Danielle have saved that special moment for Eric?

Neal doesn't know if he can forgive Leah for having an affair with her ex, but he cheated on her, as well. Can this couple put their past behind them and move forward? 

CW is upset that Rachel shared an intimate moment eye gazing with Eric, because he refused to participate with Danielle. Should Rachel have automatically known how CW would feel about the exercise?

Danielle has always wanted to go fishing in Catalina with Eric. She doesn't like that this special moment for them is now tainted. Is this obstacle too big to overcome?

When Hou canceled a date night, Aleshia felt crushed. She tells Leah he doesn't give her the time they need to resolve issues and doesn't appreciate her. Will she use her new voice to stand up for herself in their marriage?

Lessons From the Experimental Spouses

Things were tense between Neal and Hou, but eventually they were able to connect with their shared passion for work. 

Neal advises Hou to consider Aleshia's feelings, dreams and ambitions. Is he practicing what he is preaching with Leah, or is it all about looks? 

Eric suggests to CW that he allow Rachel to communicate with him whenever she feels the need, instead of being limited. How is it possible to move forward in their marriage if CW spends almost half of his days alone? 

CW says Danielle would like Eric to be more proactive and communicative in their relationship. Will Eric feel comfortable enough to apply the skills Rachel taught him?

Leah encourages Aleshia to be more vocal and stand up for herself. Will she put a stop to cleaning up after Hou's messes?

Neal is such a giver, Aleshia tells Leah she should give a little in return. But are they beyond the point of giving to each other?

Danielle is jealous that Eric has learned to dig deep and feels comfortable opening up to Rachel. 

Rachel is crushed to find out CW and Danielle have a connection and share a common bond. Can either of these women overcome the ocean of hurt they are feeling?

Final Activities

The couples engage in one final activity that will allow them to reflect on everything they've gone through. 

Hou hears for the umpteenth time that Aleshia needs to be the priority above his work. Leah shows him how to meditate and focus his thoughts on how to balance marriage, work and play in his life.

Rachel helps Eric stay engaged through a conflict role play. Eric rocked this exercise and learned that some of his words are dismissive and invalidating.

He shares with Rachel her need to ask questions and engage CW when communicating. Great advice, Eric. I think I need to practice asking more questions.

Neal and Aleshia hike up a big hill of emotions and feelings. They talk about their friendship and what they've learned. 

It's in the cards. Danielle and CW feel an incredible connection in a way they didn't even know was possible. This makes them feel guilty and uncertain about going home.

All the couples are anxious, nervous and confused about returning to their real spouse. Anticipation and fear of what they will hear is scary. 

Golden Nuggets 

If you follow my MAFS blog, you know I'm all about what I can glean from watching the interactions between the couples and advice from the relationship experts. 

Watching Seven Year Switch provides it's own unique opportunity for personal and relationship growth.

Here are my gems from this week: 

  • It's important to make your significant other feel honored, listened to, respected and appreciated.

  • If you don't make it a priority to nurture and grow your relationship, it will dwindle and die.

  • Engage your partner in conversation by asking questions and set aside time to connect daily.

  • Clearly communicate your rule breakers, especially when it comes to having children.

  • Stand by the commitments you make to each other. Keeping your word is the foundation of trust. 

  • Fall in love with someone both inside and out. Physical attributes change over time. 


I'm off to connect with my many questions, so little time.  
See you next week! 

All screen caps are made by Bee, credited to +FYI Television Network 

New Episodes of Seven Year Switch are Tuesdays at 9/8c on FYI 

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