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Danielle Wolf - An Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at FYI's Seven Year Switch

FYI Network's newest innovative and groundbreaking series, Seven Year Switch has four couples living with an experimental spouse for two weeks, in an attempt to learn the skills needed to fix their broken marriages.

Eric and Danielle Wolf, of Thousand Oaks, CA, were one of four couples that participated in switch therapy. Pairing up with experimental spouses Rachel Farris and CW MCGee of Nashville, TN, gave them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see if the grass is actually greener.

Danielle and Eric Wolf - FYI

While watching Seven Year Switch, I admire Danielle's complete honesty and willingness to be vulnerable. Although what she says isn't always easy to hear, she put her true feelings out there in order to learn and grow. And let's face it, life is not always easy.  

Eric gave this radical social experiment his all. He acquired some mad communication skills that we saw him transfer back to his "real" marriage with Danielle. That's what this innovative concept is all about. 

In this exclusive interview with Danielle, she gives us a "behind the scenes" look at goals, lessons learned and thoughts as we go into the Seven Year Switch Season Finale.

Danielle Wolf - FYI

B:  How did you learn about Seven Year Switch (SYS)? 
D:  Our friend works for a casting agency and made a posting on social media detailing the premise of the experiment. Jokingly, I tagged Eric and before we knew it, we were interviewing nonstop and finding counseling relief just in the dialogue with the producers. We knew it was a rare opportunity and a right fit for us so we ran with it.  

B:  What were your goals when you agreed to participate and did they change throughout the process? 
D:  Our goals were really to find a way to harmonize our different communication styles and lifestyle plans (career path, kids, budgeting) and they seemed to remain the same. 

B:  Share what you learned about yourself in the two weeks.
D:  Being in a place of solitude; no husband, phone, work, friends, obligations...all these things that define you.. it definitely had an existential effect on me. I got to step away from societal pressures and was able to ask what I truly want for myself and my marriage on a deeper level. I realized that at the end of the day health and love trumps all of these silly things that we push ourselves and our spouses into...houses, vacations, climbing corporate ladders. They are all wonderful things as long as they don't disrupt what matters - love and quality time in your marriage. The experiment was more profound than what I expected it to be and I'm grateful for the experience.

B:  Share what you learned about Eric.
D:  Eric has a seriousness that really seemed to come out in a way I've never noticed before. Behind the big-hearted silliness, he cares deeply about others and will put a hardhat on if you let him take control of situations. 

CW McGee and Danielle Wolf - FYI
B:  Why do you think you made such a strong connection with CW?
D:  We connected in terms of work-life balance. It was refreshing to be around someone that had similar goals. My parents are a Type A duo, so I guess being raised by that dynamic was a familiar place for me. 

 B:  What was your most profound “aha” moment when watching the show? 
D:  Watching Eric with Rachel interact, I realized that Eric is very insightful and has great ideas. Like, wow, listen up more and you can really see a wonderful side of him. 

B:  If you could change one thing you did, what would it be?
 D:  I wouldn't change anything, really. I gave it my all in the most honest way possible.

B:  What were your thoughts in the car as you returned home?
D:  It was a feeling I haven't had in years; the first date jitters. It was like I was 19 years old again sitting in Eric's car in the beginning of our relationship...being nervous and excited in all the right ways. I just wanted to be with him.

B:  Would you recommend that others try switch therapy?
D:  Yes, but only for certain couples. You have to be open-minded, of course, but being strong with your morals and goals is everything. Keeping your spouse in mind through the best and worst times, is a mantra you have to be diehard about. 

B:  Do you have any last thoughts to share?
D:  I'm excited to be reunited with Eric! I just hope he knows that I gave it my all - for us. 


Did Danielle and Eric find a way to harmonize their communication styles and create a lifestyle plan they can both agree on? Watch the 2-hour Season Finale of Seven Year Switch, Tuesday at 9/8c on FYI. 

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