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Married at First Sight Season 2 - Episodes 2 and 3

I took a little break from "life as we know it" for a little vacay. Upon returning it was holiday family time, so I'm playing catch up this week...Big time! There is a lot to cover so here we go...

Weddings, Receptions and Honeymoons...Oh My!

Jaclyn and Ryan

We left off in A&E's MAFS Episode 1 with a cliffhanger on whether Jaclyn would say, "I do". Jaclyn is the only one of six singles that is not attracted to her match. Even though is was Married at First Sight, it was not love at first sight. 

It is evident how Jaclyn feels about Ryan in her body language and in her words in (not so) private interviews.

Although she screams regret, doubt, and unease, (ummm...who wouldn't be at this moment in time?) she has also said she has put her trust in the experts and will keep an open heart. 

Jaclyn is incredibly kind. The compassion she shows Ryan and his family about his sister's death, especially after just having met them, was touching. 

Back in the honeymoon suite, Jaclyn is definitely keeping Ryan in the friend zone. But it's good to see her relax and laugh a little, despite her initial struggle. 

And the morning spoon was definitely a good sign! 

I feel for Ryan, who knows he is not all that and a bag of chips in Jaclyn's eyes. 

Being called dude, bro and man in front of your family and hers, is not exactly a groom's dream come true.

Time to address the issue that seemed to get a lot of people riled up on social media. How dare Jaclyn order Ryan's meal for him!!!

We see a very edited version of many hours of filming. Do we really think there was no conversation about what they were going to order prior to this moment? There could have been a dozen reasons she did this. The bottom line is, Ryan needs to tell Jaclyn he doesn't want her to order for him, if that's the way he feels. 

Let's keep in mind, the editors are creating doubt for a reason. If it's one thing reality TV has taught me, it's not to judge people on a 30 second clip of a 14 hour film day, when I don't have the full picture. 

The picture we were given this week was bleak for Jaclyn and Ryan. Her admission on how disappointed she was and that she wanted to run when she saw him was brutal. 

She not only gave him a bruised ego with her words, but a bruised arm with her bro punches. 

And then something profound happens. Jaclyn tells Ryan it's been a really long time and asks him not to hurt her. I'm starting to see a crack with a peak of sunshine coming through. It feels good to watch it ever so gently warm her face. But I want to see the full beam, baby!!!

Sean and Davina

I love everything about Sean and Davina. Why? Because this is the couple I relate to. This is the couple most like my husband and myself. This is the couple I'm learning the most from. Yes, even after 36 years of marriage, I'm learning from a couple, Married at First Sight. 

 Sean and Davina had an instant attraction and an instant chemistry. 

By immediately opening his heart to her, Sean made Davina feel comfortable in the most awkward of situations. 

Connecting Physically

The photographer encourages them to get a little closer. It was a tough sell.  

Davina was concerned about acting appropriate in front of their guests and all of TVland. Sean was concerned about changing her mind. 

I think he succeeded. 

Even Sean's reluctant parents could not deny their attraction for one another. (In an earlier private moment with Sean, his mom told him he won the jackpot.)

Seriously, does this look like a couple that just met at the altar the day before? Is this crazy or what???

Connecting Emotionally

Sean opens his heart and shares his traumatic childhood bullying experiences. Davina opens her heart and shares his pain. 

Here is one of the most profound statements from Davina, and one of the reasons I believe this social experiment works...

"I am feeling safer sharing my past with Sean because the commitment is inherent in this. So it's freeing me up to be more open."  Ba Boom Ching! 

Davina needs to feel safe and secure to fall in love. Sean will do anything to give her that. They are building a foundation of trust, empathy and a deep emotional connection.

Her skates and her walls come crashing down.

And she couldn't be happier. Neither could we. DisneyWorld anyone? 

Ryan and Jessica

This is the couple I want to question the experts the most about. Questions like, "What were you thinking"???  I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster with this couple. One that I want to get off, but I can't. The highs and lows make me feel dizzy and drained. So I can only imagine what it was like for them to actually live it. We start off with the wedding...

Like Sean and Davina, Jessica and Ryan are also instantly attracted to one another. 

During the wedding photo shoot, we see a glimpse of them easing into comfort.  

Ryan vows to be the best husband he can to Jessica. They share humor...

...and affection.

But the morning light of day finds them further apart than the other two couples. spooning going on here. 

Still slightly awkward and learning, they say farewell to their families and hello to Key Largo...

Despite the fact that there were many sweet moments between Ryan and Jessica, that is not what will stand out in the viewers minds. This is what fans will remember:

The calm before the 1st storm...

Jessica loves the towel art. Ryan isn't fond of the birds.

 The calm before the 2nd storm...

Jessica is terrified of ocean water. Ryan likes to show affection by poking fun. So dumping his wife in the ocean seems like the perfect way to show her he cares.

Just jump back in the boat. It's not that serious.

Even though I know better, I'm having a really hard time not judging the 30 minute edited version we see of Ryan and Jessica. And going by the previews, the next episode doesn't look any easier for this couple. My heart goes out to them. 

But just like with Ryan and Jaclyn, we have to remember, the producer's are only showing us want they want, to get a desired reaction. And they are good at what they do! 

I say, let's give them a break and support the fact that they poured out their hearts, lives and yes, even dysfunction's, for all the world to see. Whether they remain together or not, this is an opportunity to learn and grow with them. 

Off to watch episode 4...I'm almost caught up!

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