Monday, April 20, 2015

Chris Soules and Jeremiah James Korfe

Weaving a Tale of Two Farmers

As I began to watch Chris Soules' journey to find love on ABC's The Bachelor Season 19, each tractor, combine, silo, or field scene, brought back vivid memories of days gone by. Has it really been three years since Season 3 of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama?

While the concept is similar to The Bachelor, CMT added the twist of pitting country contestants against city contestants, to win the heart of the lead, Paige Duke. One farmer from Clarissa, Minnesota, Jeremiah James Korfe, put his whole heart into it. Because that's what farmers do.

Being from Minnesota and the upper midwest, I found myself fully invested in both Jeremiah and Chris' journeys. Despite the three year gap in time, their storylines overlapped and blurred in my mind, like the weaving of threads in a tapestry.

While farming is deeply embedded into every fiber of Jeremiah's being, music speaks to his soul. He can't stop the words from flowing...from his guitar our ears.

But farming is a full-time job. And so is a music career. 

Chris is a fourth generation farmer, who takes great pride in feeding the world. While agriculture is his lifestyle, he also has an adventurous and open heart. A heart looking for love.

When Chris and Jeremiah are away, they feel the strong pull of farming. There is a responsibility to family and work that doesn't end.

Opportunities arise, but passion for the land is a part of their heritage.

Midwestern values are a way of life, but new adventures can change your life. 

Harvesting crops runs in your veins, but following a dream pumps blood to your heart. 

Eventually the roads of dreams, opportunity and adventure lead back to the farm.

Because farming isn't just a job, it's a way of life. It's not just a heritage, it's building a future.

The sound of silence echoes loudly in a house built for family. 

The desire to find a soulmate is strong, but it isn't an easy task.

Hand in hand with the desire to find a soulmate, goes a seed of doubt. Is it possible to find a woman that can adapt and adjust to small-town farm life? 

To carry on generations of blood, sweat and tears, takes commitment. 

Just when they least expect it, their diligence pays off. With cautious optimism, they see the sun shining brightly on the eye of the needle. 

As Chris Soules' journey to find love comes to a happy end, a thought creeps into my consciousness. It enters without invitation and refuses to leave. 

For me, the continual intersecting of the two farmer's lives, happens for a reason. I begin to wonder how I can weave a piece of each story into one tapestry, in a way that will honor them both.

And then it comes. An idea takes root and grows, until I can no longer set it aside. 

The way I can honor them is to create a music video, that combines Chris and Whitney's journey on The Bachelor, with Jeremiah's rich tone and heartfelt music, melding the two into one.

In my mind, the song, Sweetest Distraction, was created solely for this purpose. It's written and performed by Jeremiah James Korfe and features Meghan Linsey, who is currently on #TeamBlake on NBC's The Voice

I created this video for Chris and Whitney as a gift of gratitude, for sharing their journey with me and millions of people across the world. 

I created it for Jeremiah James Korfe, to say thank you for changing my life with his beautiful voice and lyrics. Once you hear his music, I know your life will change too.

Jeremiah James Korfe Music on iTunes

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Jeremiah sings, "Work"

I'd love to hear what you think. Please leave me a comment! 

Photo credits: ABC, Jeremiah James Korfe Facebook, Chris Soules Instagram


  1. This is just have outdone yourself. And such lovely music with words so appropriate for this couple. I love it..makes me cry happy tears! Rolly :-)

    1. Thank you! It was a labor of love and I worked on it tirelessly! But I'm so happy with the way it turned out. ;)

    2. You ought to be proud it is just simply amazing! Perfect tribute to Chris & Whitney's love story and amazing song and singer (my new favorite)

    3. I am humbled by your kind words and happy you like it!

  2. Very nice! Hopefully Chris & Whitney get to see this.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I really hope they see this, it's amazing work!

  4. This was so great, the music was excellent & really complimented this great couple. Wanted to play it again, but just showed me all the other videos mostly of Whit & Chris which of cause I love as well. Why don't you send this to them & would you mind also posting it to the latest Chris & Whitney Fan Forum for us.

    1. I put my settings in YouTube so it would not put suggested videos at the end and it can be replayed. It works on my computer but not from my iPhone. I've Googled it, but can't find how to change that.

      Yes, I have sent this to Whit and Chris. Neither one has responded, however, I know their lives are very busy right now. I'm hopeful and will keep trying.

      Can you tell me what Chris and Whitney Fan Forum you would like me to post it to? I'd be happy to do that.

      Thanks so much for your feedback!

    2. Yes sure they both have very busy lives. So did you just send them the video as they might just not scroll all the way down to it or otherwise did you tell them that there was a video of them below to the music of the other farmer.

      This must of taken you hours & hours of work, but was really worth it in the end & cannot tell you just how much it was appreciated!!

    3. Okay, I posted it to the link.

      I tweeted just the YouTube video link to Chris, Whitney, his mom and 3 sisters.

    4. Great thanks your tribute to them & Jeremiah James Korfe was really awesome!!

    5. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Check out my latest interview with Jeremiah if you already haven't!

  5. Thank You Bea..You always come through beautifully ..I never listen to this song without getting a tear in my eye ..It's one of my favorite pieces of Jeremiah's ..It's so beautiful ..He and Meg sound wonderful together..You did an amazing write up on JJ and are the best !!

    1. are so sweet! I agree with you about the 'tear in my eye' with this song...

  6. This is truly just precious....<3

    1. I had a really great time making it. I'm glad you like it!

  7. Hi this is Tina from St. Cloud MN, met you at Rollie's 3 yrs ago and love JJ and his family. I would love to meet Chris and Whitney too. We thought about taking a bike ride to Iowa, can you hook us up? Love you hon.

  8. By the way, this was amazing and made me tear up. JJs music is amazing

  9. So beautiful and perfect.