Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Voice Season 7 Blind Auditions Night 5 Recap

Tattoos, 4-Chair Turns, the Perfect Smile and a Boo Complete the Final Night of The Voice Blind Auditions!

Source: Tyler Golden/NBC

The coaches were alternately holding out on and vying for their faves, to make for an exciting Blinds finale! 

Even though I love the Blind Auditions, by the end of tonight, I'm ready to move on to the Battle Rounds. Who's with me on this??? 

On to the recap!

Tonight's Top Performances go to...

"A Thousand Years," Matt McAndrew #TeamAdam

Matt has a funky look to him that is endearing, tattoos and all. Watching him tutor kids kind of did me in. However, I'm happy to say, it was his voice that completely blew me away. The quiet softness exuded a vulnerability that was completely genuine and sincere. Adam grabbed himself a top contender with Matt. 

"Best Thing I Never Had," Beth Spangler #TeamAdam

With a solid performance from Beth, the last 4-chair turn of the season was a fight to the finish for the coaches. Gwen and Blake couldn't bribe her with their overall connections and Pharrell's stand-up was unconvincing. Adam ended with such a strong team, there will be plenty for the others to steal. 

"Secrets," Ryan Sill #TeamGwen

Not only does this guy have a great voice, he has perfectly white teeth. So white, that I was a little distracted by them. Ryan started out a little shaky, but in the end, he brought it and left me wanting to hear more. I was surprised he went with #TeamGwen, but I'm hoping it's a good fit. 

"Let Her Go," Justin Johnes #TeamBlake

Last but certainly not least, was this 15-year old YouTube artist that performed for the first time on The Voice stage. Yowza. Twitter erupted and girls all over the nation, fell in love. Team Blake has a boo. 

Favorite Tweets of the Night...

Here's a look at the teams after episode 5:

Team Adam
Pop artist, Clara Hong
R&B soul singer, Damien Lawson
Pop vocalist, Joe Kirk
Soul singer, Kelli Douglas
Pop vocal, Mia Pfirrman
Powerhouse, Allesandra Castronovo
Pop artist, Ethan Butler
Soul singer, Chris Jamison
Indie/folk artist, Rebekah Samarin
Indie/soul vocalist, Jonathan Wyndham
Indie/pop singer, Matt McAndrew
Pop/soul artist, Beth Spangler

Team Blake
Country artist, Allison Bray
Country music musician, James David Carter
R & B vocalist, Reagan James
Country singer, Taylor Brashears
Pop vocalist, John Martin
Country singer, Kensington Moore
Indie artist, Bree Fondacaro
Pop vocalist, Tanner Linford
Country singer, Craig Wayne Boyd
Pop/soul artist, Grant Ganzer
Venezuelan pop singer, Fernanda Busch
Pop rocker, Justin Johnes

Team Gwen
Pop artist, Bryana Salaz
Folk pop singer, Taylor John Williams
Reggae artist, Menlik Zergabachew
R & B vocalist, Sugar Jones
Indie pop singer, Jessie Pitts
Pop rocker, Troy Ritchie
Reggae artist, Anita Antionette
Pop singer, Jean Kelley
Rock/soul artist, Amanda Lee Peers
Pop vocal, Gianna Salvato 
A cappella/pop artist, Ryan Sill
Pop/Soul singer, Mayra Alvarez

Team Pharrell
Soul singer, Luke Wade
R&B artist, Elyjuh Rene
Soul singer, Danica Shirey
Alternative rocker, Taylor Phelan
Wedding singer, Maiya Sykes
Pop artist, Ricky Manning
Soul artist, Blessing Offor
Singer songwriter, Jordy Searcy
Pop singer, Katriz Trinadad
R & B vocalist, Toia Jones
Jazz and R&B artist, Brittany Butler
Pop singer, Daniel Griffin

To see my top performances and tweets from each night:

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