Monday, October 6, 2014

The Voice Season 7 Blind Auditions Nights 3 & 4 Recap

I was gone last week so I'm playing catch up. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't feel week 2 of the Blind Auditions had as much talent as week 1. Having said that, we went from seeing Pherrall rack-up the talent last week, to Adam moving ahead this week. Here are my top picks.

Night 3 Top Performances go to...

"Turn Your Lights Down Low," Anita Antionette #TeamGwen

Making a comeback from Season 3, Anita took the coaches advice to heart and got a 4-chair turn! Her rich tone and unique voice drew me right in. Another surprise...I was not expecting her to choose Gwen over the other 3 coaches. Girl Power!

"Danny's Song," Kelli Douglas #TeamAdam

This is one of my favorite songs and Kelli did not disappoint. The single mom impressed the judges with her subtle bravado. Despite the Texas connection, it was Adam that charmed Kelli into choosing him. 

"Unconditionally," Mia Pfirrman #TeamAdam

This girl can belt out a tune and even though she didn't have perfect pitch, it was her passion and range that got all four coaches to push their buttons. Mia followed her heart and went with Adam. 

Night 4 Top Performances go to...

"Say Something," Jonathan Wyndham #TeamAdam

Jonathan's range is crazy and he totally nailed this song. Although Blake was the first to turn around, Jonathan went with his first choice and Adam wins another 4-chair turn. 

"Gravity," Chris Jamison #TeamAdam

Although the smooth and soulful sound of Chris' voice had Blake and Pherrall turning immediately, Adam swooped in at the end and took control of the banter, winning another major contender for his team.

Favorite Tweets of the Night

Here's a look at the teams after week #2

Team Adam
Pop artist, Clara Hong
R&B soul singer, Damien Lawson
Pop vocalist, Joe Kirk
Soul singer, Kelli Douglas
Pop vocal, Mia Pfirrman
Powerhouse, Allesandra Castronovo
Pop artist, Ethan Butler
Soul singer, Chris Jamison
Indie/folk artist, Rebekah Samarin
Indie/soul vocalist, Jonathan Wyndham

Team Blake
Country artist, Allison Bray
Country music musician, James David Carter
R & B vocalist, Reagan James
Country singer, Taylor Brashears
Pop vocalist, John Martin
Country singer, Kensington Moore
Indie artist, Bree Fondacaro
Pop vocalist, Tanner Linford
Country singer, Craig Wayne Boyd
Pop/soul artist, Grant Ganzer

Team Gwen
Pop artist, Bryana Salaz
Folk pop singer, Taylor John Williams
Reggae artist, Menlik Zergabachew
R & B vocalist, Sugar Jones
Indie pop singer, Jessie Pitts
Pop rocker, Troy Ritchie
Reggae artist, Anita Antionette
Pop singer, Jean Kelley
Rock/soul artist, Amanda Lee Peers
Pop vocal, Gianna Salvato 

Team Pharrell
Soul singer, Luke Wade
R&B artist, Elyjuh Rene
Soul singer, Danica Shirey
Alternative rocker, Taylor Phelan
Wedding singer, Maiya Sykes
Pop artist, Ricky Manning
Soul artist, Blessing Offor
Singer songwriter, Jordy Searcy
Pop singer, Katriz Trinadad
R & B vocalist, Toia Jones

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