Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Voice Season 7 Blind Auditions Premiere Night 2 Recap

#VoicePremiere Part 2 did not disappoint in either musical talent or humorous sparring over contestants, among the judges. I was thrilled from the moment it started. This is pure entertainment at it's finest.

Gwen and Pharrell continue to step up their game and hold their own with veteran coaches Adam and Blake. In fact, I feel Pharrell has put together the strongest team so far. 

Tonight's Top Performances go to...

"Stay With Me," Maiya Sykes! #TeamPharrell

The Voice YouTube

Maiya has been working as a professional singer for the better part of two decades. I cannot believe this woman has not made it big with her powerhouse vocals, but she's on her way now. The coaches all turned their chairs and the banter that ensued was the best this show has had to offer yet. Blake, knowing he had no chance, cheered on Pharrell as he succinctly shut down Adam and Gwen. This is a BiG win for #TeamPharrell, and my top pick of the night.  

"Sweater Weather," Taylor Phelan! #TeamPharrell

The Voice YouTube

Taylor Phelan was the lead singer in a previous indie/rock band, The Canes. From stage presence, to perfect pitch, to an occasional strum on the guitar, he brought the whole package. Prior to his performance, Adam was his choice, but Pharrel threw out a "melodically articulate" and stole the candy right out of Adams hand. 


"Give Me Love," Reagan James! #TeamBlake

The Voice YouTube

For a young girl of 15, Reagan can belt out an Ed Sherran ballad. She wanted Pharrell, but of the two chairs turned, she pulled a real shocker and chose Blake over Gwen. I think Reagan has one of the most unique combinations of tone and style we've heard in the first two nights. Pharrell agrees. He lamented his decision not to turn and admitted that Reagan is a total threat to the game. 

Favorite Tweets of the Night

Here's a look at the teams after night #2

Team Adam
Pop artist Clara Hong
R&B soul singer Damien Lawson
Pop vocalist Joe Kirk

Team Blake
Country artist Allison Bray
Country music musician James David Carter
R & B vocalist Reagan James
Country singer Taylor Brashears

Team Gwen
Pop artist Bryana Salaz
Folk pop artist Taylor John Williams
Reggae artist Menlik Zergabachew
R & B singer Sugar Jones

Team Pharrell
Soul singer Luke Wade
R&B artist Elyjuh Rene
Soul singer Danica Shirey
Alternative rocker Taylor Phelan
Wedding singer Maiya Sykes

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