Monday, June 3, 2013

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Episode 2

This episode pulled on my every emotion. It went from romance with Brooks, to laughing hysterically at the rap, to complete annoyance with Ben. Here are my best and worst of the night, with pictures courtesy of my good friends at Bach and Bachette Fans. Join us there for great conversation about each episode, Des and her guys.

Episode 2 The High and Low Five's 

Best Five

1. Brooks and his three dimples. Adorable.

2. Real men wear purple V's and hoodies. Love.

3. Boys busting a move. Sweet!

4. An antique journal in a Styrofoam package. Enigma.

5. Grammer time! Awesome.

Worst Five

1. It's not a secret. They can HEAR you a mile away. Gob smacking.

2. Zero Drew, Nick, Chris or JuanPa time. Invisible.

3. Villain gets the group date rose. Fail.

4. I don't like the way you act, but I love your shoes. Really?

5. Stealing the girl when you already have a rose. Scoundrel.

Funniest Five

1. Bryden doesn't know what Brie is. Cheesy.

2. Attention Ben. Attention Ben. Fall off the mountain please. Hilarious.

3. Dora finds her backpack in Hollywood. Relieved.

4. An over the rail Mesnick. Classic.

5. Admitting to fake broken legs. Finally.

Most Unbelievable Five

1. I didn't touch anything, promise. Purel.

2. Just kiss me already. Gutsy.

 3. A room full of plain colored V's. Original.

 4. Ben is rubbing some guys in the house the wrong way. Ummm...

5. Zak wearing a shirt...times three. Surprising.

Cheesiest Five

1. Is Brooks a leprechaun or a lucky charm? Magically delicious.

2. To sit on the "L" is like sitting on top of the world. Overrated.

3. Claiming to be lost while following a film crew. Scripted.

4. Not going to be the guy that squishes the butterfly. Poetic justice.

5. Didn't expect to fall in like with her this soon. Hmmm...we didn't expect it either. Unbelievable.

Smiling Happy Faces Five

Next Week...

Dodgeball date

Sky scraping

The Wild, Wild West

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