Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Episode 1

I took a much needed break from blogging due to health issues but I'm happy to say I'm finally back, feeling better than ever! Thanks so much to all the friends and family that stood by me. I love you all!

Let's get on with Desiree Harsock's season of The Bachelorette. I'll share my thoughts each week with a few pictures, courtesy of my good friends at Bach and Bachette Fans. Join us there for great conversation about each episode, Des and her guys.

Des and her Not so Motley Crew!

Let's Talk Limo Arrivals!


Drew arrives first...will he be the last man standing?

Des sneaks a feel of Brooks abs!

Chris proves that everything he needs to know about
love he learned in Kindergarten, by tying his shoe.

The sexy Venezuelan accent does the trick for Juan Pablo.

Kasey has all the right #hashtagmoves.

Gimmicks That Worked

Who can resist a mini me?

Melting hearts all across the world.

I can't believe they talked me into doing this.

Des, this was 100% all my idea. 

Gimmicks That Failed

Armor is so last season.

Des doesn't dip on the first date.

Nick definitely did not have the magic touch tonight.

I think he went wrong with the maroon and gold band pants.

 A Few First Impression Roses 

Des likes the way Drew gets butterflies while checking her out.

It must have been Nick's poetic words of 
being there for the right reason.

Michael G. got the red ticket to paradise, or at least episode 2.

The guys plan their strategy to capture the Queen.

Brandon is ready to get on his motorcycle with Des and ride off into the sunrise.

Second Impression Roses

Patiently awaiting their evening fate.

Who will be the first?

Chris is wondering if his shoe is still tied.

Mikey is napping while waiting to be the last man standing tonight.

Des sees Kasey in a her future...episode.

Brad is ready to sleep it off. 

Sexy Venezuelan eyes to go with that sexy Venezuelan accent.

Zak K looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Brooks wants to get a move on to his 1:1 date next week.

Here is a sneak peek for Episode 2!

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