Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sierra Anderson - A Woman Competing in a Man's World

Although commercial fishing in Alaska is a male dominated industry, that hasn't stopped Sierra Anderson from embracing the challenge. She's worked her way up the ladder to become the only female to run a skiff boat in her fishery. It wasn't an easy feat and there are times when Sierra had to work twice as hard as the men for half the amount of respect.

Growing up, Sierra spent her winters in Colorado and her summers in Alaska. Her family has been in the business for five generations, so her passion for wild salmon fishing runs deep. She is an advocate for this great sustainable resource and has a sense of pride in feeding the world.

Other than Sierra's love for the fishing industry, what drives her desire to succeed in a man's world? The ability to make an excellent income in a short period of time is the main reason. It allows Sierra to have the seasonal lifestyle she enjoys and meshes well with another talent she has, being a video producer.

Combining her love of fishing and her passion for cinematography, Sierra wrote and produced the reality TV show Hook, Line and Sisters. The show focused on showing every aspect of the family business from the beginning to the end of a season. TLC aired a few episodes, but the target market was not a match for this creative and challenging outdoor show. Sierra's goal is to rewrite the story from her perspective and pitch the idea to an outdoor channel like Discovery.

When on the boat, Sierra spends her free time reading books that have a powerful, influential and  inspirational message. In the winter, you can find her skiing the mountains of Colorado. She is also an avid runner and keeps herself in great condition for the technical, mechanical and sometimes aggressive skills required to drive a skiff boat.

Sierra is driven by her desire to use her voice to encourage and inspire others, in an effort to affect positive change for women. She believes that if you are passionate and have a spirit for adventure, you can be successful in anything you do.

The fishing industry will always be a part of Sierra's life, whether it's running a skiff or marketing the health benefits of eating fresh Alaskan fish.

When asked what the immediate future holds, Sierra shared she will be a guest on the Ricki Lake show on October 10th.

In Part 2 of my interview with Sierra Anderson, she will share her experience appearing on the Ricki Lake show and what's next for this amazing role model.

Photos courtesy of Sierra Anderson