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The Real Reality of Falling in Love on "Sweet Home Alabama" Part 4


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Jeremiah was uneasy that the love of his life was on a date with a guy he had come to respect and love like a brother. He knew Bubba would be awesome for any woman. He and Bubba were cut from the same cloth, one from the North and one from the South.
Bubba had the last date before the Finale and Jeremiah had no idea how it went. The guys were separated after elimination night, so there was no opportunity to talk. As he watched the sunset, he thought of Paige. He hoped if she watched  it too, she would be thinking of him.

When thinking about Paige going on other dates, the saying, "ignorance is bliss" was the only way out for Jeremiah. If Paige didn't really feel this with him and she found true love with somebody else, than how could he not be happy for them? If it was truly real for somebody else, that's something that everyone should celebrate.

Bittersweet Feelings

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Paige woke up the last morning with bittersweet feelings. Paige was so in love with Jeremiah. It was love at first sight, an instant connection. She was excited that this was the day she could finally be with her soul mate. It was truly a blessing.

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Paige should have been smiling from ear to ear, but she was terrified. She was terrified to hurt Bubba and terrified to break his heart. He had opened up to her and let her into his life. As tough as it would be, her whole heart was with Jeremiah.

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Jeremiah knew without a shadow of a doubt, that Paige was the woman he'd waited his whole life for. But he was still uneasy about the process. In his previous reality TV experience, people on these shows were a disposable commodity. Jeremiah knew he'd made it difficult for the producers when he wouldn't open up for the cameras. He had been hearing things that conflicted with what he felt in his heart. All of this played into his mind that day. Jeremiah was terrified about what could happen. He would either be the happiest guy in the world, or he would be completely crushed. This was as real as it gets.

The Finale ~How Sweet it Is!

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On the way to the Finale, Jeremiah thought he was going to be sick. He had asked the producers to be the first one to see Paige. Without a commitment from them, he had no way of knowing if Bubba had already been there. When he stepped out of the car, he was more scared than ever. As he walked up to Paige, the smile on his face masked the fear he felt. He told her she looked amazing.

As soon as Jeremiah got to the end of the long walk to her, Paige asked him for a hug. She told Jeremiah that she had been living a dream come true, a dream that was taken away from her. It hurt her worse than anything ever had before. The lesson she learned was that no matter what your intentions or hearts desires, the most sacred of dreams can lead to heartbreak. Paige vowed to herself never to take a risk with her dreams or her heart again...until she met Jeremiah. Her love story with Jeremiah had been so crazy.

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Jeremiah took a deep breath, gave Paige his biggest smile and then he chuckled. A glimmer of hope started to appear on his face.

Paige  was so happy when she was with Jeremiah. He made her feel alive. Paige couldn't imagine spending another day without him.

With assurance from Paige she was serious, Jeremiah grabbed her with all of his passion and kissed her. Words of love were freed from the heart that  protected them for so long. It was the most amazing thing either of them had ever felt. Jeremiah lovingly held Paige in his arms and caressed her hair. They kissed and held each other as though they never wanted to let go.

Paige Duke was everything he had ever hoped for.

Paige found the other half of her heart in Jeremiah James Korfe. With Jeremiah, she finally felt complete.

Against all odds, worlds collided on Season 3 of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama, for Paige Duke and Jeremiah James Korfe. They fell deeply in love in the most unrealistic of situations.

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