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The Real Reality of Falling in Love on "Sweet Home Alabama" Part 3

Picnic Table  Profession

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
Jeremiah knew what he had to do. A week and a half had gone by since Paige told him she was falling in love with him. They were not given an opportunity to talk in a meaningful way since they left the hammock. Time was running short and he needed to tell Paige exactly what he was thinking and feeling. The next day, knowing Paige would be dating each of the final four guys, Jeremiah told the producers he wanted to see her first. He had so many things in him he needed to say to Paige, and he felt an urgency to get to her.

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
Paige's heart was weighed down, as she waited on the picnic table for Jeremiah to arrive. She heard about the things that happened in the house and at the bar with her friends. She knew she was in love with him, but her mind was full of questions. The fear that Jeremiah was going to get kicked off the show, was still very real.  As Jeremiah walked toward her, she could not hide her joy. Paige was so happy to be with him and was hopeful to finally get some answers.

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
Jeremiah came prepared to give Paige those answers. He explained why he didn't go to the gym and what happened at the house with little Shaun. He tried his best to open up. Jeremiah told her his heart wants to have someone that he can fully love the rest of his life. He knows what he has to offer and has been preparing to share his life with someone. With raw emotion, Jeremiah was finally able to tell Paige he was falling in love with her. He didn't want her to take it lightly because he doesn't easily say those words. Paige thanked Jeremiah for telling her and believed the sincerity of his heart.

Paige Struggles

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
After her date with Jeremiah was over, Paige still had dates with the remaining three guys. Leading them on was one of the hardest things for her to do on the show. While she didn't feel a romantic connection with them, Paige had grown to love them as people. She carried the burden on her shoulders that she was going to hurt them.  

Paige wanted to tell the other guys that she was going to pick Jeremiah, so they wouldn't get their feelings hurt. She wanted to tell Jeremiah that he was her one and only, so he would know. But it wasn't possible. That's not how the show works and she knew what she signed up for. Late at night, she would cry over the pain she knew she would cause them. This was harder for her than anyone could imagine. 

The Long Walk

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
That night at elimination, Jeremiah took his very first journey out to the pick-up truck. As he walked down the steps of the porch, he plucked a pink flower from the garden for Paige. When he approached her and gave her the flower, he enveloped Paige in a warm embrace. Jeremiah shared his wish to have been more open and honest in the beginning and his desire to make her happy. Paige wanted Jeremiah to stay, but only if he would agree to fight for her. She needed him to open up even more with how he was feeling. Jeremiah committed to stay and fight for her. After Paige left, Jeremiah excitedly told the cameras how much he wanted her to come back to Minnesota and be his girlfriend.

The Final Date

Collage made by Bee, with Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans 
Was it just a coincidence or was it fate that Paige and Jeremiah's last date was at the Double J Whitetails Lodge? They felt blissful in their mini castle made out of wood. Over the past weeks, Jeremiah had come to realize that all of the things he felt for Paige, were a new experience for him. What he thought was love in the past, wasn't really true. When they talked of their hopes and dreams, Jeremiah shared that he didn't want to do farming business or music by himself anymore. He needed someone to encourage and believe in him. Paige wanted Jeremiah to pursue everything his heart desired. She could see the passion he has for his music and wanted to be the one to support him in achieving his dreams.
After a more serious conversation on the porch, it was time for some fun. Jeremiah knew that anything he did with Paige would be wonderful. They fed acorns to baby deer and Paige teased Jeremiah that the hesitant one in the corner, was him. With the end of this journey in sight, they were able to laugh and be more carefree.

Two Hearts Beating as One

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
The walk in the meadow was romantic. As they stopped to talk, Paige could look in Jeremiah's eyes and see inside of him. The feeling that they were the same person was something she had never felt before. 
Jeremiah shared his thoughts with Paige on defining love. To have the deepest, most genuine and real feelings in this type of a situation, was something that was hard to express in just one word. When he wasn't with her, it felt like a million needles puncturing him in the stomach.

A Joyous Surprise

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
That evening, as Jeremiah and Paige watched the sun setting, his mother Linda and sister Heidi, surprised him on the porch. The two women he was the closest to, had come to meet Paige. The love Jeremiah felt for his family was written all over his face. It was in the way he instantly embraced them and in the tears he shed, as he confessed what was in his heart. Although he was scared of his feelings for Paige, his mother and sister had a calming effect on him. Linda brought the ring that Jeremiah had been saving for the love of his life. Jeremiah didn't want his mom to even take it out of her pocket. He wanted to propose in private when the time was right. Like Jeremiah, Linda and Heidi questioned whether the feelings Paige and Jeremiah shared were real. Heidi knew her brother better than anyone, and she had never heard him talk about a girl like that. It had them all terrified.

Fireside Confession

After dinner, Paige and Jeremiah got cozy by the fire. They knew this would be their last opportunity to talk before the Finale. Jeremiah felt sick to his stomach at the thought of Paige spending the next day with another guy. While he understood the process, it was something he couldn't bare to think about.

Screencaps Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
Jeremiah was never more confident in his feelings for Paige, and at the same time, he was never more scared. He was scared to lose the most real and amazing thing he had ever felt. He trusted Paige completely, but his experience told him anything could happen.

Paige begged Jeremiah to stop being scared and tell her how he felt. All along, his brain  processed what his heart felt with a filter, and then he said what he thought was safe. Jeremiah was so filled with emotion, he could not stop the tears from flowing. Paige knew she had to give Jeremiah the reassurance he needed and told him she loved him. With that final confession, his last wall came crumbling down. Jeremiah finally told Paige what she had waited so long to hear. His profession of love was exactly the confirmation she needed, and she knew her heart and soul were committed to him forever.

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The Real Reality of Falling in Love on "Sweet Home Alabama" Part 2

This is Part 2 of the love story of Season 3 CMT's Sweet Home Alabama's  Paige Duke, spokeswoman and accounts manager for Kruger Farms and Jeremiah James Korfe, farmer and  lead musician of the band, From Joyce.

Love in a Hammock

Sipping lemonade with Jeremiah on the porch, Paige had never been more confident of his feelings for her. Although she knew how he felt, she also knew she had to try and get Jeremiah to say it. Paige was filled with worry that he would be sent home for not being a good character for the show.

With his past experience, Jeremiah knew all too well what a good character should say and do on reality TV. But when it comes to matters of the heart and the deepest emotions that you feel,  he could not compromise his integrity. Jeremiah knew in his heart he was in love with Paige, but who would believe his profession of that, when this was only their second date? How could he share those words that are so private in such a public way?

While laying in the hammock, there were so many ways that Paige could feel Jeremiah's love for her. She could see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch, in his kisses and the way he stroked her hair. Paige could no longer contain her feelings and told Jeremiah she was falling in love with him. When your soul finds it's mate, you know when you know.

When Paige told Jeremiah she was falling in love with him, everything inside of him wanted to burst out. He had that fresh kick in the gut feeling and he knew it was real. And then the date was over. Jeremiah gave her a quick kiss, the cameras stopped rolling and they were separated. 

Production was not prepared for Paige's profession of love and it put them in a tailspin. Although the show is supposed to be about finding love, it happened too early. They were shooting footage for episode 2 and 3 and still had 8 more episodes to film. Paige reassured them that she would continue to do what she signed up for. She enjoyed spending time with the guys and had grown to love them as friends. Jeremiah would have to lay low for a while. Getting through the next week and a half until their next date, was the hardest period of the show.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

During this time, the guys continued to go on dates with Paige. Jeremiah would cope by keeping his head down. At times he would zone out, deep in thought. Jeremiah grew even closer to the guys in the house and loved them like brothers.

Paige looked forward to seeing Jeremiah every chance she could and was only allowed to give him a hug on elimination nights. They saw each other on the fishing date, but they knew that was not the time to talk. Jeremiah was always respectful of the other guys in the house and did not pursue having time with Paige in front of them. Jeremiah was amazed at what a good poker face Paige had during group dates. Even though they were careful, stolen glances were taken whenever they could. It was all they had.

Brunch With Friends

Screencap Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
Falling in love with Jeremiah so early on took it's toll on Paige. By the time her friends, Bryn and Monica, came to meet the guys, Paige was stressed out and tired of the process. It was no longer fun for her. She wanted to be with Jeremiah and she didn't want to hurt the other guys or lead them on anymore. Nothing that Bryn and Monica told Paige changed her mind about Jeremiah. This was real love and she was so thankful for it. Paige loved that Jeremiah didn't try to push himself on her friends or act like he was trying too hard. She was happy he finally got out of the house and had fun. That is exactly what she would have done in the same situation.

Matters of the Heart

Although Jeremiah knew he was running out of time, the pressure to make decisions out of fear, was something he would never give in to. Because he was in love with Paige, he resisted the suggestions that were offered. This was about the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and he had to do what he felt was right. Jeremiah knew what he had to do.

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The Real Reality of Falling in Love on "Sweet Home Alabama" Part 1

The Interview Prep

Sleep was not my friend Sunday night. I would be interviewing Paige Duke and Jeremiah James Korfe in the morning and my brain was unwilling to rest. I went over the interview questions in my mind, carefully rearranging the words. It was important for me to convey Paige and Jeremiah's experience of falling in love in the most unlikely of circumstances, a reality TV dating show. It was not to be taken lightly and I knew I only had 30 minutes to get it right.

Writing the Blog

Where do I begin? Paige and Jeremiah are too sweet and amazing for mere words. Because it's so much more than just's in the tone of their voices...the joy and elation that they can finally be together...the sweet little laughs...the way they flirt and tease one another...and yes, the frustration they felt at times. How do I begin to convey this in a blog?

Paige and Jeremiah's Love Story 
The Beginning 

Picture Courtesy of CMT
Against all odds,  worlds collided on Season 3 of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama, for Paige Duke, spokeswoman and accounts manager for Kruger Farms and Jeremiah James Korfe, farmer and  lead musician of the band, From Joyce.

Having both had previous experience with reality TV, they came loaded with skepticism. Jeremiah had been hoping for a woman like Paige since the age of 12. Paige had been wanting to meet her soul mate. From their first conversation on the hayride, they felt an instant connection, but how could this be?

Jeremiah was looking for a spiritual woman , one that was a little bit city and a little bit country. While he hoped for a girl that could ride a 4-wheeler, hunt and enjoy the outdoors, he also wanted someone that could  look beautiful, dressed up  in heels.

Love at First Sight

When Paige first saw Jeremiah, he took her breath away. He was so handsome...exactly the type of guy she was attracted to. Looking in his eyes, Paige could see inside of him and it felt like they were the same person.

The first time Paige and Jeremiah talked by the combine, they realized how much they had in common. 

Screencap Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans 
Screencap Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans
When Jeremiah first hugged Paige and told her she was beautiful, she felt something she had never felt before. She told the producers the very first day that Jeremiah was the one. 

That night at the house, Paige wrote a note to her mom. She explained about each of the guys and then there was Jeremiah. She couldn't stop writing about her feelings for him. As Paige lay awake that night, thoughts of Jeremiah filled her mind. It scared her that she was feeling so strongly about him this early in the process, that she couldn't stop thinking about him. It left her feeling vulnerable.

Red Bandanna and a Green Combine

Screencap Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans 
Screencap Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans 
On a group date, Jeremiah gave his bandanna to Paige to protect her neck from a paintball hit. Paige said it felt so good to have it, she slept with it every night. Paige wore that bandanna on her first date with Jeremiah, the date in a combine. While the city guys didn't see the romance in combining soy beans, she was happy for the opportunity to be with Jeremiah. The combine date was a perfect way for them to connect without the camera crew close by. Jeremiah and Paige talked freely about everything on that date. 


Jeremiah wondered if what he was feeling for Paige was real. His head was playing mind games. How is it possible that she felt something for him, when he was living with a great bunch of guys? How can you find love in such an unrealistic situation? As the guys would come back from their dates, Jeremiah kept his head down and his heart to himself.

Screencap Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans  

 Paige longed for someone to talk to about what she was feeling for Jeremiah. She was scared she was falling for him too fast. Out of respect for the other guys, Jeremiah was not one to seek her out or put his arm around her in a crowd. Paige thought she felt the connection with Jeremiah, but at times, wondered if he was really interested.

The Notebook

Jeremiah kept his guitar as a constant companions. The words he was feeling flowed onto the paper. The rhythm of his soul played out on the strings.

Screencap Courtesy of Bachelor Spoiler Fans 
Although Jeremiah was not opening up to the guys in the house, or in front of the cameras, he was writing his thoughts and feelings down for Paige. Jeremiah was excited when he found out she had left her boots on the beach. He slipped the notes in her boots and hoped she would see them. The next morning when Paige went to put them on, she found seven letters from Jeremiah. She read them over and over, with the excited and giddy feeling of middle school first love. Jeremiah didn't profess his love for her in the letters, but the words were just as sweet. He told Paige that girls everywhere are going to look up to her because she is so wonderful. He shared things about his family. Jeremiah told Paige that he'd been preparing his heart for girl like her. Although they wrote to each other every day, this was the only time they were able to exchange notes during filming. Producers wanted to have the love story unfold on camera, not on paper. Jeremiah felt bad for compromising production with the letters and by not opening up. 

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Meeting Jeremiah James Korfe From Sweet Home Alabama

My husband and I were planning a little weekend get-away to my mother's home in Menahga, a little town  three hours northwest of Minneapolis. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind from life in the big city.

Imagine my surprise when I went to Bachelor and Bachelorette Fans Forum and found that Jeremiah James Korfe was going to be hosting a viewing party in a town 1/2 hour away from Menahga. Jeremiah is the Minnesota farmer and musician I was rooting for to win the heart of Page Duke, Season 3's bachelorette, on CMT's Sweet Home Alabama. Fate seemed to be taking my life in a new direction. Just the week before I had attended a viewing party with Paige, now it seemed I was destined to meet Jeremiah.

We planned to have dinner at the venue and were pleasantly surprised when we found ourselves in a cozy little golf course in the middle of Minnesota country. Jeremiah was surrounded by friends and family and they welcomed us with open arms. This is the epitome of Minnesota nice.

Collage I made for Jeremiah in
 Support of our  MN Farmer/Musician
Episode 3 aired that night and  Jeremiah had a 1:1 date with Paige in a combine. As shouts erupted, it quickly became clear my husband and I were the only two in the restaurant that had never been in a combine! What was also clear, is how completely free Jeremiah felt during this date, without multiple cameras closely capturing every nuance and emotion he was feeling.

Jeremiah is the lead singer and songwriter for his band, From Joyce. In addition to writing his own music, Jeremiah has several artists that he writes and develops songs for that are in a vast genre of music. 

After Sweet Home Alabama was done airing, he played a little acoustic guitar. We had the pleasure to hear a few songs from his new album,          
A Little Something for Everyone

My husband and I were completely blown away with the talent of this young man. The photos, courtesy of  Cherish the Moment Photagraphy, show the passion in which he sings and plays. We felt this passion right down to our bones. It was amazing.

Jeremiah's music is available on iTunes. I would encourage all of you to download,  A Little Something for Everyone. It has become our favorite album.

Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us, Jeremiah. Your heartfelt words and beautiful voice are music to our ears...and  our hearts.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meeting Paige Duke from Sweet Home Alabama

Chatting with friends on Bachelor and Bachelorette Fans Forum has been a daily event for me. When I saw a post that Page Duke, bachelorette from CMT's Season 3 of Sweet Home Alabama, was going to be at a viewing party in St. Stephen's, Minnesota, I knew I had to go. What are the chances that I would ever have the opportunity again to meet a celebrity?

Sweet Home Alabama had quickly become one of my favorite reality TV shows with their down-to-earth style and low-key dates. It was refreshing to watch a whole season without a single hot tub scene or invitation card to the "Fantasy Suite".

The night of the viewing party I left early to ensure the best possible "spot" in the house! When Paige Duke walked in, I was expecting her to be beautiful, but that doesn't even begin to describe what I saw. She was simply glowing.

We watched episode 2 together and it was fun to see her reaction to what the guys in the house were saying. Paige was seeing it for the first time, along with the rest of us. During the commercials, I watched her interact with fans, young and old alike. She was patient and kind as she autographed pictures and smiled for the cameras. 

I made this collage and gave it to Paige the night of the viewing party. I told her it was in support of our local bachelor vying for her heart, Minnesota farmer and musician, Jeremiah James Korfe. Paige thanked me for the collage, but was very careful not to react in a way that would indicate whether she had feelings for him.

On reflecting back to that night, I have come to realize that the beauty emanating  from Paige was not only outer beauty, but inner beauty.

Paige fell in love with her soul mate on Sweet Home Alabama, and indeed it was Jeremiah. The glow I saw the night I met her was coming from her heart...a heart that could not contain it's love for him. Beauty does not begin to describe it and I know it is a sight I will never forget.